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  1. FYI -

    As of right now, the 5.0 is rated around 340hp for the 2011 Mustang GT. If things change, I'll let you know.

    The 5.0 is still on schedule for Feb.2010. Ford almost scrapped the project due to the new regulations. If all goes well, a new DI 5.0 will follow.

    A new SE is coming. Hints say a Mach1 or Boss. I'll have more details later. There is even a chance it will be released prior to the new 5.0, so if that happens it will either be a 4.6 or 5.4.
    Right now, it appears it will be in the 350-400hp range.

    GRWD project is dead. The next generation Mustang will be on the same platform. Highly doubt you'll see IRS.

    Thats all for now.
  2. hmmm, with such a modest bump in power, I hope mileage is really improved.

    So I wonder if the SE's like the GT500 will get the 6.2L after the switch.
  3. Well, if that's true, they lost my sale. 340hp is not enough for me to trade up...
  4. 340 is kinda low, I really thought they would be in the 350-400 range. Disappointed but if I had the money I'd still buy one. Too bad about the IRS too, as well as the car handles currently with an IRS it would kill the competition, IMO.
  5. So this truly is confirmed for the 2011 GT?

    Just my luck, as it comes time that I'm looking to trade up the old 98 for a new model, you're telling that if I wait a (whole) year I can get a beautiful new 5.0 DI :mad:

    Although, 340hp doesn't really make my pants all that tight, maybe it's not worth the wait after all and splurging on a 2010 GT with the PA option might be just fine.

    Also, is GRWD scraped or put on hold? I guess I can understand why it'd be scraped in this day and age.
  6. I personally would avoid DI in the next up coming least until they work out all the bugs and the aftermarket world makes all their trial and errors.

    I used to own a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 with a Ford 2.3L Turbo DI MZR engine...this little engine packed a serious punch...just with breathing mods and tuning I was at 310-315WHP and 305 or so wheel torque; hauled some serious butt...and ran 30+ MPG.

    At 35K miles, the engine was wornout (blow by)... There are fueling issues, knocking (detonation) issues, tuning issues, the list just keeps going. Numerous engines failed...even in stock trim. Driveability issues in the cold, etc... The standard EFI 2.3L engine produced more power than the DI engine with a turbo on it!!!

    I would not touch a DI engine with a 10 foot pole. That is until all the bugs and tuning are worked out and the aftermarket has settled...

    The aftermarket for DI engines is EXPENSIVE!!!!! Since its all new ground, everything is a first.
  7. It needs at least 375 hp to be considered. I, for one, am just going to wait until 2014. I'm sure Ford won't disappoint.

    On a side note, it might not matter what the 5.0 has for power. It might be the only pony/muscle car left in a few months. Hope not but never know.
  8. Does anyone know if this engine is suppose to be lighter than the 4.6? I read somewhere that is was but I have yet to get any verification on this. If they could shave 50 lbs on the car and make it 350 hp I think it would be a really good match with the camaro
  9. What...

    Sources Please...
  10. im pretty sure its way too early for"sources," lol. Isn't there always an insider to fuel speculation for the crowd? I know there are some here that are almost always right with info that comes behind the curtain...
  11. has anybody ever thought that the new v8 would a bit like the jaguar v8 in the xf
    fords new v8 diesel for the f-150 is based off the land rover diesel so maybe the new 5.0 v8 is too.

    The jaguar v8 has direct injection and makes close to 400hp

    This engine was being developed back when ford owned jaguar.
  12. Hopefully those #'s will increase. A 25 hp will be hardly noticable, and when developing a new Modular motor with both a 3.6" bore and stroke, and DOHC's that increase is pathetic. Will this engine be built to run off 87 octane?
  13. 340hp is probably just a starting point. Mustang's been doing this for a while now. 4.6l started at 220hp, went to 260, Mach 1 had over 300 NA. I'd expect the same from a 5.0. They probably have it detuned, could probably get it to 400hp at the crank with typical boltons/tune. With Mustang's weight advantage, the Camaro is toast!
  14. I've been wondering this, as well. Jaguar's brand new 5.0L AJ V8 engine is 385 hp (naturally aspirated) and 510 hp in supercharged form.

    The earlier Jaguar 4.0L V8 was used in the Lincoln LS and 2002-6 Ford Thunderbird (but they rounded it down to 3.9L V8 so that Jaguar would have the upper hand, even though all three engines were the same!). And considering that the chassis under those three cars (DEW-98) was modified for use in the S197 Mustang ("DEW-98 light"), Jaguar's engine bays are obviously set up the same as the S197 Mustangs.
  15. The Mach isn't the same Motor as the GTs.

    I really don't care though, anything close to 400 at the fly and close to 30 mpg and I'll buy.