New 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Article. WOW!

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  1. Theres been a couple people on here who have fit 315's on there car with just beating in the fenders, nothing too intense.

    I just realized how old this thread was, thanks stangster for bringing it back then deleting your post haha.
  2. Love the avatar, Mob. lol The city is a dying whore. :lol:
  3. Looks too stock to me.

    I loved pony wheels, but they seem so 1990's to me now.

    I think the 2000's are all about 5-lug and SN95 wheels.
  4. With all the choices in wheels today seems like going backwards to use a 17" pony, just my opinion, but any car with a 315 tire is pretty BA, and those wheels work on some cars.

    Just not my cup of tea.
  5. It all depends on the car. Some people appreciate the look of a stock fox but want the added performance of 17 inch tires (not to mention a much wider selection of tires). I know if i had a super clean unmolested aero car, i'd probably want the Pony R's. Plus if you're trying for a sleeper look, it does take a bit of a double take to realize they're 17s.
  6. Just got the SC's with 315/35 mickey thompson drag radials on last week. Kinda bummed about the backspacing on the 10" SC's...would look better with the 315's if they had about a 1/4" more bs to tuck under the lip a little bit. As it sits, it is flush and have about an inch between the wheel well.
  7. sounds pretty BA. those r the wheels i want to go with. do u mind posting some pictures??? would really appreciate it.
  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh newb with the old thread resurrection! :D

  9. How long do they have to be dead before they can be considered zombies?:eek: