New 5.4L DOHC Intake for Navi heads - Pics Inside!

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  1. Had a blast at NMRA World Finals tonight! I got to stop by the pit and meet Mike and John Tymensky for the first time, and guess what I found? A 5.4L DOHC INTAKE FOR NAVI HEADS! There is a GOD!

    The cost is $599 for the intake just as you see it in the pics below. It's for EFI/Carb and will be shipping Dec 1st 2003. They are now taking $200 deposits if you want one of the first. They are going to come out with a 4.6L 4v and 4.6L 2v intake next.

    Mike and John, it was great finally meeting you guys! You both are two of the nicest guys I've met in a long time. Thanks for swapping the ModMax springs at the race tonight, and the top notch service I've had the pleasure of receiving over the past year and a half!

  2. What Pics????????????????????????? :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
  3. Dat's Purrdyy :nice:
  4. ok, i don't know a whole lot about intake geometrey, but because of the short runners, you'd lose low end torque while gaining high rpm hp. is this correct?
  5. I didn't measure the runner length, but they got to at least be at least 7 inches long.

    Well folks, looks like we now have the ease of swapping for more CID like the old days of 302 to 351 swaps. :nice: :D
  6. yes, long runners are good for low end trq, while shorter runners are better for high rpm hp.
  7. Why would anyone wanna put a carb on a mod motor? They wanna make an intake for navigator engines, make one so I can swap a 5.4 4v into my GT without having to buy a $$$$$$$ cobra r intake.
  8. :confused: That's what this is for... Besides you can't get a Cobra R intake unless you own one (Cobra R).
  9. This intake is for both, haven't you ever seen one like this with fuel injection? Edelbrock has one for GM and Ford, go have a look. Also, for EFI, you just need the 90* elbow and throttle body on top (of course injectors, fuel rails etc).

    For the 2000 Cobra R 5.4L DOHC intake, you can't buy one at all unless you have a Cobra R, vin#, and proof of the part being defective to the best of my knowledge. :rolleyes:

  10. This is great news. This and the new intake plenums are great to see also. I love seeing the moular aftermarket grow! :nice:
  11. Why wouldn't you want to put a carb on a mod. motor? That sounds awsome, can't wait to see one, or build one myself someday.
  12. That intake looks REALLY tall! It looks like it will not fit under a stock hood. Is this an optical illusion?

    You know what would be better than that intake?..... a nice Kenne Bell blower on top of a 5.4 that would fit under a GT hood! :D You wouldn't need the intake anymore. :p
  13. I think it is an optical illusion after looking at it a couple of times and thinking about how long the runners on a stock plastic intake would be if it was off the car. It is definitely taller though, but just not that tall.
  14. I'm going to talk again with Mike and John Tymensky because there has been a whole lot of interest in these Eaton/KB/Works blower manifolds for 5.4L DOHC's.

    Your right, the intake will need a taller hood. I'm just not yet sure how tall. If any of you know Al Papitto, (BOSS 330) he made his own intake (would cost you $3,000) and it fits under a 95 Cobra R hood.

    Al's 5.4L DOHC pic below

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  15. A side shot of Al's intake

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  16. So what exactly is the benefit of having this intake?

  17. This is GREAT!

    Probably never going to get a 5.4L but definatelly great!
  18. A 5.4 DOHC in my 67 with a Holley Double Pumper sounds really cool.This could be a possability. It would look pretty awsome, like a Boss 429 or something. Just trying to fit it under a hood? That's quite a intake.
  19. A 5.4 with a carb is like going back to a rock and chisel to send a message from your computer. A lot of the gains in our modern day engines are from fuel injection and the control that a computer can have in that type of system. I doubt you would like what the performance of a small block will be with a carburator. If you want to find out, then drive an old 5 litre mustang with a carburator. Obviously, the 4.6 is overhead cams, that will make the engine more efficient, but you will get lousey gas mileage and mediocre performance.

    With that said, there are a lot of Hot Rods with carburators. But if you look at what they had to do to the engine to get it there, you quickly realize that in the end, you have a total different engine that is made for the carburated system. And you will get 4 to 5 MPG.

    This is just my opinion based on the fact that I have been working with Mustangs for 30 years. I don't absolutely know for sure how the 5.4 will do with a carburator because I have not done this. But I have built many small and big block Ford engines. Some of which only got 4 to 5 MPG, but would melt the tires clean off of the car if held matted to the floor.

    I wouldn't go back to carburation if somebody put a gun to my head. My days of replacing power vavles, jets, diaphrams, etc. etc., are over. The car I have now has 460 HP at the crank, starts up great in the winter, runs smooth, is quiet, and cruising on the highway in 5th will give me 29.5 MPG. How the heck can you beat that? Certainly not with a carburator. Nope, I am sticking with fuel injection. :p

    On the other hand, cars are fun and I am sure somebody will get a thrill working on a carburated engine.... at least for a little while. Each to their own.

    But, like the rest of you Mustang power addicts, thinking about a fuel injected 5.4 with a Kenne Bell twin screw.... well... that just gets me kind of tingly! :nice: Matter-of-fact, I almost went the route of putting a 5.4 in my GT. But when I looked at how hard it would be based on others' experience doing it and the amount of HP gained, the KB blower was a better pick for me. I don't regret my decision. If KB makes a blower that will fit a 5.4 and allow the hood to close, then I will probably take on this project. This time, however, I will build up the bottom end and then slap the blower on. Not that my present engine is causing any problems, but if I go to a 5.4, we are going to AT LEAST 14#s of boost and probably to 18#s. Oh dream...... :rolleyes: (Am I nuts? what the heck will I do with all of that power? :rolleyes: ) Maybe I should stick to what I have. It is already dangerous.