New 5.4L DOHC Intake for Navi heads - Pics Inside!

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  1. Well I like the performance of my carburated small block just fine. It is much more responsive than my 4V injected engine. Get's over 16 mpg ave. to the tank of gas. Is easy to work on and just plain hauls a$$. It is tuned perfect has 650 dbl pump, 11:00 to 1 comp total timing of 38 deg @ 2800 rpm and one wild sounding solid lifter cam, it will idle all day with out loading up and starts when ever I want it to. Like you said it is your opinion. I havent worked on stangs for 30 years but I have worked on them for 24, including Chevies Toyota's and all. Carbs are easy IMO. I wouldnt stuff a 5.4 in 67 GT fastback and remove the shock towers to get 29.5 MPG (and the best my 2V got was 25). I like to be different, maybe that's why I took a 01 Cobra motor and made some changes to the harness and dropped it in my 2K GT. I must say the 4V does come alive above 4500 rpm and would probably give my trusty 302 a run. But as of right now the throttle response of the carbed small block is much more crisp. I do feel the DOHC 5.4 with a beutiful double pump carb would look very impressive in a vintage Stang and I think it would be cool. Just JMO :bang: . Not trying start anything :D .
  2. 4.6 SOHC intake would be nice to add performance and replace the plastic stuff.
  3. The benefit is obvious, you can swap in an extra 50 CID via a 5.4L DOHC for more hp/tq.

    Just for comparison sake, think of the 2000 Cobra R here. It was a 5.4L DOHC and made 385hp n/a, versus the 2003 4/6L DOHC Cobra with a blower makes 390hp, and Cobra's without a blower were 320HP. Just think of what a blower on that 5.4L DOHC would be like.

  4. huh? How is this intake going to solve all the issues with installing the 5.4L? You still have to install a k-member thats lower and there are alot of other little issues that make most people say forget this.

  5. OHHHH i see :)

    Its EFI AND CARB. I thought it was just to convert to carburated and was thinking what in the world would be the point in that.

    So now the issue is. Does the intake make it so it'll fit under a stock Gt hood? Is that the real point here? This intake fits a 5.4L correct? So would it really solve any of the installation issues? I've always wanted to swap a 5.4L over.

    If you were going to buy a Kenne Bell blower it really wouldn't matter in the end because that would be replaced right?

  6. The real point is that it would be a car intake as opposed to a truck intake.

    See that is how Ford uses the Modular engines in so many different vehicles. The truck intakes are for torque for pulling stuff, but they don't full advantage of the engine as far as horsepower potential goes.

    This intake will get the full potential of the 5.4L for a high horsepower application.
  7. Like, forgive me if I say something stupid..

    but why in the hell do they do that?

    I'm not doubting you or anything, it just seems sorta dumb to me. I mean, it's just lost revenue.. you figure that if they sold these things, people (albeit relatively few) would buy them.. They could charge a quasi-outrageous price for a hunk of metal and make some loot on it.. Of course then someone would blueprint it and come out with something cheaper, but then they'd be on to the Cobra R++ by then.. :shrug: :D

    But who knows thats just my take on it.

  8. poeple paid $60k a pop for a Mustang without a/c or a stereo. they don't want anybody and everybody having the parts from the R because it would degrade the value of the Cobra R. right now, you can build your own Cobra R exactley to spec except the motor.
  9. Hey man, get your facts strait! The 5.4L bolts in just like the 4.6L. It is a physically taller engine, but no need for another K member. I attached earlier in this thread, Al Papitto's 5.4L DOHC that runs in the 10's. With his home made intake and stock K member, it sits under a 95 Cobra R hood.

    The only two issues were (1) the intake, and (2) headers. Now, we have intakes from Al Papitto, Hogans, and ModularPerformance, so that problem is solved. For headers, you can use stock Cobra manifolds with custom H/X pipe, or run Custom Longtube Headers. I'm sure someone will be coming out with Longtube headers for this swap soon.

    If you get on the and look for the thread by BOSS 330 on his 5.4L DOHC n/a project, you will see everything needed for this to swap in a 5.4L DOHC.

    Now if your talking pre-modular, yes a K member would be needed.
  10. (1) Yes, it's for either one, carb or EFI.

    (2) Yes, the intake fits a 5.4L DOHC with Navigator heads. (Navi has larger intake ports which is needed to feed the extra 50CID)

    (3) No DOHC 5.4L is going to fit under a stock GT hood. Minimum hood with Al's intake would be the 2-1/2 inch 95R hood. The ModularPerformance intake will need an even taller hood.

    (4) Eaton/KB/Works blowers have specific lower manifolds. There is no Lower manifold that I know of that will mount the Eaton/KB/Wroks blowers to a 5.4L DOHC in a Mustang. You'd have to fork over the Big Money to Hogans for a custom intake.

    My opinion, this intake is badazz and for $599 you can't beat it. Any other 5.4L DOHC intake will run you $3,000 - $4,000.
  11. Wow calm down there...first of all its straight not strait ;)

    And my facts are talking about FITTING UNDER A STOCK HOOD not just the engine fitting in the engine bay width wise.

    If it was extremely easy everyone and their mother would have already done it. Plus what about cost. How much money are you talking about investing in the block & heads?

    Also, your probably limiting any supercharger options by going this route without a custom setup designed...

  12. I don't think it's possible to fit a 5.4L DOHC under a stock hood. The 2000 5.4L DOHC Cobra R had a specific K member which set the engine slightly lower and rearward in the engine bay. Even after that, they still had a slight bulge in the hood to clear the intake.

    Here is a link to Al's 5.4L DOHC project. Read all of it and you will see everything needed to do this swap. Fyi, Al runs 10's n/a now with his 5.4L DOHC.

  13. The answer is probably an obvious one that I am not seeing, but couldn't you use the intake off the Triton 5.4L? I know the Triton is a SOHC, but does valvetrain matter in this case? :scratch:

    Is their a difference in performance between the Trinton and Navi intakes? :shrug:
  14. The SOHC intake will not work on a DOHC.
  15. That's what I thought
  16. I thought the underside of the cobra R hood had no more clearance than the stock Gt hood? People have put them on their GT's and had even more problems with clearance believe it or not. Maybe it was just the replicas?

  17. Sorry, forgot to answer this one.

    Block costs about the same as a 4.6L Iron block (unless ford parts gives you their retail rip-off pricing). Crank, I have the part number on my AOL homepage, it's an F250 part# 5.4L Forged crankshaft, and costs the same as a forged 4.6L crank. The thing with dealing with your local ford parts dealer is, shop around, and ask them to match your lowest price quote on these parts. For instance, My 5.4L block was quoted as high as $770 by a local ford parts dealer, while the lowest quote was $577 at another ford dealer. See my point?

    Pistons for a 5.4L and a 4.6L cost the same. You only need to consider DOHC or SOHC because of the CC of the heads and difference in compression ratio, and compression height (5.4L is around -0.118).

    Rods on the order list are also the same cost for the 5.4L and 4.6L.

    Bearings and bolts are about the same, except the aluminum Cobra/Mach which is higher than the 4.6L/5.4L iron block ARP bolts and studs.

    DOHC heads, if you already have a set they will bolt right on your 5.4L. If you want to add Ferrea valves, etc., it will cost the same for any DOHC head.

    Intake, $599 for ModularPerformance. Others are $3,000-$4,000.

    Navigator timing chain cover, timing chains and tensioners etc. See It's not too bad.

    So, really it boils down to what you started out with. If you already have a DOHC Cobra, then your ECU and heads will save you money. If you have a SOHC GT, then you add in the cost of DOHC heads and a 5.4L block. If you wanted custom headers, that also would be more.

    I haven't got a total cost because I'm still building mine. I think it will be close to what it would cost to build a 4.6L DOHC the same way from scratch.

  18. But what about supercharging...i think you can get more out of a 4.6L SOHC with a Kenne Bell supercharger and forged internals than you could get closed to with this 5.4L setup.

  19. I believe Reichard Racing is coming out with adapters which enable a 4.6 intake to bolt up to a 5.4 (meaning an '03 Cobra intake w/Eaton will bolt right up to a 5.4 DOHC). Not sure on pricing, but I couldn't imagine them being too expensive?
  20. Is this for DOHC or SOHC? Any more info on this?