New 5.4L DOHC Intake for Navi heads - Pics Inside!

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  1. Not sure about that, but Modular Performance will have the 90* elbow to throttle body measurements soon.
  2. I'm wondering what BOSS 330 is trapping in the 1/4...
  3. He was running 10.70's all weekend at NMRA World Finals in BG KY.
  4. So something in the high 120s?
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  6. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mike and John Tymensky at have decided to make an intake for a 5.4L DOHC to accept the Eaton/KB/Works blowers! Looks like the Cobra guys can now swap up to 5.4L's and Lightning owners can swap on DOHC heads!

    Sweet huh?!?!?! :nice: :hail2:

  7. how long did that take you to post :p

    I do that alot because i type 100+ wpm. Your hands can get tangled up going that fast.

  8. The flow numbers are for the Cobra X - carb/efi 5.4L DOHC intake. :nice:
  9. 5.4L swap

    Does anyone know yet when this intake is coming out and will it fit under a 2 1/2 in. R hood. I going to do the swap one way or another but its just if its going to be SOHC or DOHC. I already built the bottem end of my 4.6 so I'll just switch everything over with the exception of rods. I just want to know what motor to get from the junk yard.

  10. Won't you need a crank as well?
  11. Intake

    Intake will be available December 1st. Not sure if it will fit under a 2.5 inch R hood.
  12. New Info From John and Mike Temensky at Modular Performance!

  13. You will need a 5.4L crankshaft as well as rods and you must use Navigator 5.4L heads to use this intake. They have larger intake ports than any 4.6L DOHC head, and this intake has Navigator intake ports.

    Get a 2001-up Navigator engine. Check to make sure it has a forged crank because they stopped putting forged cranks in them some time around 2001 I think. I have a Forged crankshaft PN# if yours is cast on my homepage.

  14. Check your pms i have some questions...I'm confused as to the intake part. Wouldn't a KB replace the intake and wouldn't it be a waste of money? I thought you couldn't bolt on the KB to the DOHC heads? I sent you a pm asking you some questions so get back with me when you get a chance. If indeed with this setup i can swap a 5.4L motor into my GT (dohc) and then install a 2.2L KB then thats what im looking for!

  15. The KB/Works/Eaton all use a lower intake manifold. The Modular Performance Blower intakes aren't ready yet. See Terminator forums for a lot of KB on 03 Cobras. Yes they fit 4.6L DOHC's.
  16. ok..let's say I get a navigator longblock + eaton/KB intake adapter from modular performance ( whenevr ready) + KB 2.2L blower..does everything fit in my 01GT with an aftermarket hood?...isn't it a killer combo ?..I'm really interesting in the 5.4 dohc swap...
  17. Will fit, only mods to accept the 5.4L would be slightly bending an AC line out of the way, Stock Cobra exhaust manifolds slightly grinded on pass side with custom h/x pipe, or Custom longtube headers with H/X pipe, and hood to clear.

    As one guy said, "an Eaton/Works/KB on a 5.4L DOHC would own, period!" A single/twin turbo would be even better!

  18. Also, will drop right in your stock K member with stock engine mounts.