New '65 convertible owner


May 20, 2020
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I'm new to the forum, new to mustangs, and new to classic cars. I started looking at vehicles in January, after being forced off the road in my previous vehicle by a third party in December, initially I wasn't planning on buying another vehicle right away, but with Covid happening I had too much spare time apparently, and I managed to get interested in classic cars. At first, I figured I'd stick to a budget around <$10,000, but like most things, the more I looked the more that ballooned out of control. Eventually I started to focus on the first generation Mustang, until I found something I really liked, a 65 convertible, 1100 km's away. I made an offer and after some back and forth I had a tentative deal, flew out sometime less than a week later, it's all still a blur, and made the deal. Then I proceeded to drive it 1100 km's back home, and almost 4000' in elevation higher, where we are today, fixing foibles like poor carburetor jetting, and safety inspections that nitpick things like wheel spacers to accommodate front disc brake kits and backup lights, that were an option from factory. After doing ignition, carburetor rebuilds and rejetting, and buying thousands of dollars worth of parts, many of which are still to come, so for the next little bit it's going to feel like Xmas quite often (oh you shouldn't have), it brings us to now. I already had a honeymoon of sorts with the drive back to my hometown, but I look forward to settling in with the old girl.

Also, just a footnote, but attaching photos on this forum seems almost laughably easy compared to others, I think we'll get along just fine.


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