"New" '66 Coupe

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  1. This weekend I brought home a '66 coupe with the intention of fixing a few odds and ends and keeping it as a driver while my fastback is getting repainted. It is a 'T' code that has been converted to a 289 with C-4 auto and conventional 8" rear. It has Granada front disc brakes with power booster installed. Needs a transmission due to excessive leaking (have one from my parts car) and a front end rebuild. I will also add 3-point belts and rebuild the front suspension over the next couple of weeks.

    My wife claimed the new car on site, and has taken over ownership. This is not a bad thing, as she has never liked the vintage cars before. I have a 'to-do' list of minor upgrades that I now have to finish over the next few weeks to have the car ready for the summer.

    Take a look - it is a nice little car:

  2. I've been trying to find a vintage car for my wife, but the ones she likes I don't want to own.:)

    Looks like a nice ride. To bad YOU'LL never get to drive it :)
  3. Very nice, looks like a clean ride.