Engine New 66 Mustang!!!

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  1. Hello everyone, I just picked this baby up yesterday! 3 hour drive home and it was cool. It does need a tune up so I wanted to know what is best for the I6 engines?

    - Synthetic oil or standard?
    - Best oil filter?
    - best spark plugs?
    - best or good plug cables?

    Thanks for the help! 1st classic Mustang owner! I'm excited. It has a 9 inch rear already and it has been converted to 5 lug and the front suspension has been upgraded. Just needs new leaf springs, front springs and lower linkages for a full V8 conversion.

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  5. Good luck with your Mustang - great to keep them alive!

    I found this comment on another site ref. oil: The problem is that modern oil had the zinc removed a few years ago by the EPA. The zinc served as a lubricant for the camshaft and lifters and the modern oil will cause premature flat tappet lifter and cam wear. Look for special oil that contains zinc which is available for our "classic motors" through Jeg's or Summit (can't for the life of me remember the brand now, but there are a couple), also I believe Lucas oil sells zinc additive. A friend of mine wiped out a new cam by not knowing that.
  6. personally unless the engine was a brand new rebuild, I would stick with a good high quality 10w-30, the zinc thing is true but I think it tends to be more of a problem on motors with new higher lift cams and heavier springs, you can always just get a zinc addative and add to regular oil as well. If the motor is an old build synthetics tend to clean out your engine more then you bargain for and will find any leaks that may already exist and may potentially make them worse. As for the other stuff, I tend to use Ford oil filters, AC Delco plugs, with MSD wires
  8. What's the part number on the plugs and wires that are best for a stock set up?
  9. It's best to stay away from platinum plugs with a point type ignition system. The copper transfers current better and platinum was used because it lasts longer with Hi-Voltage ignition systems.
  10. Ok. I'm going to change plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Since I am on a budget what can I do to improve performance while keeping the engine stock as it is? I've read going to a DUI set up but that is like $400 plus changing the carb. I have a autolite 1100 1V carb now but I've also read to change to a 2bl machine work needs to be done.

    Not sure what my options are here....

    Merry Christmas everyone.