New 84 SVO owner

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    hey guys just bought a 84 svo see above link, new to the 2.3 world the turbo world and the older fox world so looking for some ideas who out there has clean older fox interior pics i would love to see them, and i know 50 resto but are there better places for pre 87 parts??? any help is greatly appreciated guys
  2. Not bad. If I might ask, who'd you buy that from?

    Keep in mind that the SVO has some different interior bits from regular early Mustangs.

    Also you may want to check out :nice:
  3. a guy named nick in az give me about three months and the three grand i have to spent on it, and do everything right the first time unlike some othe projects of mine, it is going to be a sweet little driver which is all i want out of it:D
  4. Congrats man
  5. Nice ride, the SVO mustang was a head of it's time and are great cars. If ford had the duratec 2.3 DOHC back then, "LORDY", it would of been a screamer, not that it runs bad with the lima.
  6. nice ride and congrats:flag:
  7. Beautiful! Congrats!