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  1. Hey everyone! Have been away from mustangs for a little while but I'm just getting back into it! Found a 1987 T-top 20 minutes away from me rushed over and bought it last weekend. Great car the guy "said" he was the second owner and the odometer shows 77K but who really knows? Body is straight, doorpins are not sagging, normal rust issues around the hatch, and interior is unfortunetly red but not beat to hell, heck even the ashtray cover still works!

    Guy before me put full headers and some off brand that said they were just like flowmasters but sound kinda ricey when you really get on them on the car, and a cold air kit but other than that the car seems bone stock. I do think that the Cold air is running havoc with the Speed density set up from what I have read here and talked to people about. Car doesn't want to run at idle unless you give it some gas and surges slightly still even after it calms down. Wondering if it would be worth the effort to switch it to Mass Air, take of the Intake, or just deal with it...

    Anyways, glad to be part of the mustang club again hoping to have a lot of fun with this car along the way! I had another 87 t-top but it was beat to hell rusting away beneath me and I didn't have the time or experience to deal with it. This one isn't a daily driver and I have some time to fiddle with it. 2013-09-289509.45.16.jpg 2013-09-289509.45.16.jpg 2013-09-28_09.43.12.jpg 2013-09-289509.44.24.jpg 2013-09-289509.44.35.jpg 2013-09-289509.46.09.jpg 2013-09-289509.46.29.jpg 2013-09-289509.47.39.jpg 2013-09-28_09.47.16.jpg
  2. welcome aboard. Pick up a cheal equus 3145 code reader from Amazon and pull your codes even if the check engine light is not on. This will give you some direction for your plan of attack. I would also do a full tune-up. Post up your questions over in the fox secion.

  3. Yeah I was confused if I should post this first one in the general area or in the tech one! Will post all other questions there thanks for the advice!
  4. I always loved the T top areo foxes.
  5. Nice score. Lol, believe it or not, I love porno red interiors. Are those BBK headers? Can't tell with the plug wire in the way.
  6. Also, I see you are in Tally, I am just outside of Orlando. If you need them, I have a few sets of good t-tops laying around the shop.
  7. Always loved the T tops but could never find one that didn't leak. Yes those are BBK headers. The CAI should not be causimg the issues. Run the codes and see what comes up.

  8. I'm still rockin the porno myself
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  9. same here I love the porno red interior.
  10. Thanks flstang if I manage to break one of these you will be my first call! I always liked the black interior but after being in it for a bit the red is growing on me! I will have to repair the driver seat its got that mustang gangsta lean going on a little...

    Im going to order that code reader tomorrow and see what is going on with the weird idle. Honestly for sitting for as long as it has at the guy I bought it from's house its an awesome car! I got it for 2500 and it was pretty much turn key ready except for the high pressure power steering line. I can just see this thing emptying my bank account already lol!
  11. That is a great place to start - and for THAT money, it's an AWESOME place to start! Nice Find! and welcome to the forum!
  12. I'm in Gainesville. Let me know if you come over to run the drag strip. The Fox scene here is pitiful. Always love seeing other members cars in person.
  13. No why would a Seminole go to Gainesville for anything but to beat the Gators butt in November? lol
  14. I didn't come here for the football. Which is getting worse every year.
  15. I used to live in Gainesville. My ex wife still does. Lol. I might head up to the track there one day. I haven't raced there in a while. Way better than Orlando Speedworld. Really, it's not that far from me either.
  16. Nice clean stocker.

    The mods shouldnt affect how it runs. Just go through the car and make sure everything is fresh. Plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PCV valve, etc. Run the codes and start addressing any issues that it shows.

    Pretty much every fox Mustang has some sort of code stored in the memory.
  17. Just bustin on you. Glad to see there's one person in Gainesville with a sense of humor. I'm married to a UM grad so go figure that.
  18. No worries man. Didn't take it seriously. Would be pretty awesome to get SN meet at the track here though.
  19. I will totally let you know if I make it over that way! Never actually ran a car at the strip and I think it will be a while before this one is ready... I have been so busy with work and school that I have not even gotten a chance to play with my new toy all week...

    You and your wife coming up for the game? Should be a good one. My girlfriend keeps hinting that I should sell my tickets for the game because they are going for ridiculous amounts right now!