New 93 Cobra Owner

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  1. Kinda been out of the mustang scene for while, but recently got back into it. Wasnt looking too, but deal came up and couldnt let pass. A friend came across a 93 cobra and was talking about putting LS motor in it, and couldnt let that happen. Specially since this cobra was pretty much stock save for few items. Does need some elbow grease to get clean, and back to its SVT status.

    Here are few pictures I have(only ones so far).... They are from day I brought it home. Car will be going through some cleaning and restoring.... 1st thing is, to put stock rims back on it..!!



  2. little tlc and that will be awsome....nice project to have in the driveway thats for sure...
  3. Nice! Yep, I'd want the proper wheels on it too... But in polished or chrome finish. I just think it'll really look good with the blue paint....
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  4. Nice looking Stang.
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  5. Purty
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  6. One of the best foxes! Congrats! Post pics when you update it.
  7. Nice car. Looks like a nice straight, well kept Mustang. Word of advice, please dont drive that car anymore until you fix the driver front tire. It popped over the bead.
  8. I havent driven it since buying it. Guy I bought it from drove to my house and been in my driveway since. Want to find set of rims before I drive it.
  9. Congrats on the Cobra!

  10. Already checked them out. But it says wont fit 93 cobra. Know its because of the offset. The rims would stick out little farther at each corner. I have even considered running stock GT front rotor to help with front and just deal with backs. Will give it couple more weeks to find originals, but if I cant I will get the LMR ones. Or if I could come across a 5 lug set, so I could run cobra brakes..
  11. Nice car. That's the sort of car you put back to original condition, restore and then enjoy.

    Is that original paint? Pics look a little too blue to me.
  12. Nice find! How many miles? Hows the interior? Any motor mods?

    It's either an overcast day or the clear coat is shot on that car? What's up with the driver side front tire?
  13. Car has been repainted.. Odometer read 40K, but pretty sure it 140K and is pretty much stock minus for exhaust. And plans are to restore it and like you said enjoy.

    Rim has chunck taken out of it. And I havent driven it since bringing it home.