New 94 5.0 build layout. Need advice!


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Nov 17, 2019
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Ok so I picked up a 94 5.0 automatic vert that runs and drives well for 900 dollars with 140k miles. I've always owned mustang's and corvettes my whole life the fastest of which was my 2013 5.0... every car I get has to be faster than the next lol. Meaning I need to get this thing running mid to low 12's n/a without nitrous and must be comfortable to drive on the street and be a stock bottom end because I live in an apartment with a rented garage and dont have the roof clearance to pull the motor otherwise it would have just been a 351 swap. Yes I know... why a convertible!? Because it was 900 dollars running and driving with no mechanical issues besides brakes. I have about 5k to spend.
It currently has a cia, cobra manifold, shorty headers, xpipe, and a catback.
My mods I'm planning on doing.
-eddlebrock performer heads (any other suggestions?)
-e303 cam
-4.10 gears
-75 mm throttle body
-bigger injectors (suggestions?)
-drag radials
-b&m hammer shifter
-mds ignition
- new fuel pump (suggestions?)

I'm going to be doing all the work myself, besides maybe the gears. My budget is 5k, the toughest job I've tackled was swapping a cam on a old c3 corvette with a sbc... so I assume my mechanical skills should be good enough to get the job done with some research on the 302? I guess my main question is... will these mods take me where I want to be (keeping up with newer coyote stangs). Or am i fighting a losing battle? And before everyone freaks out... yes I'll do a compression and leak down before I buy anything lol.
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wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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If you plan on out running 'newer coyotes' then you better plan on using a coyote engine.
And your likelihood with a 5k budget and you working conditions are slim, it can be done but I think not with that budget.


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Mar 2, 2015
Take that 5k and put a supercharger on it with bigger injectors a camshaft from Ed Curtis and get the cobra intake ported. With the camshaft you'll need rockers, springs, and possibly push rods. You'll be close to tipping that 5k budget.'ll need to be tuned...bye bye 5k.

To keep up with a stock 2019 5.0 you'll need 350hp+ at the wheels. These cars eeked out 225hp at the engine factory.

On top of the listed stuff you'll need to do something with that AOD transmission and the rear end gear. 3.73s and 4r70 with a shift kit will run another couple grand.

Then you'll need some tire and adjustable shocks and struts to dial in the traction. The new 5.0 has traction control and is set up better than a fox based car

I've got a f- u- l- l- y built 331 turbo car and would have a tough time with most newer 5.0 cars on the street. Traction being my biggest issue. Spinnin' ain't winnin'.

Now, you're going to need some subframe connectors, torque box reinforcements, and may need bushings and such. These things add safety to the car. Luckily, you have disc brakes all the way around. I'd rather be cryin' than dyin'.