New 95 Cobra Owner!

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  1. I got it!!! Picked up my 95 Blk Cobra with Tan interior:owned: ....has 3.73 gears, Hurst short throw - Steeda springs, swaybar and adj camber plates...Car has x-pipe - 88k miles...and hauls freakin "a" ...:jaw:

    Ok maybe not compare to some of your bad "a" rides...but my Gawd this car blows the 275 Kuhmo rears up in smoke thru 3rd gear....all that power and tires just wont hook....but I love it!:nice:

    Thanks to all of your for the awesome detail and nformation in the post...

    Bobby - in midlife crisis (40 years old plus) - in Corpus Christi Texas - hey watch this car grow over time!
  2. Any pics?
  3. yeah i want to see pics of this ride
  4. :( Bummer thing is the previous owner delvered it extremely dirty --- extremely as in a Cobra should never been in this condition:shrug: ...extremely as in the dude at the detail shop is gonna have revive it...extremely as in the tan carpet has leopard spots!! :eek: I guess you get the picture of what I am saying.:SNSign:

    I will post pictures of this black beauty Tuesday when she is fully retuned to the beauty she can be....:) - promise by Tuesday night. Thanks for asking!
  5. Rock ON.........a Mustang is a great cure for a mid life crisis....less trouble than an
  6. lol, yeah, but not any cheaper!
  7. Well could on if your married and get caught....that's at least half your [email protected] I know you have more in your mods than I do....but mine aren't worth my house........or child support......or alimony..........

    So ...if you had to choose.........You may have that Terminator to sit beside the White demon sooner than you think......:nice: ............or the Lorena Bobbit thing would not be worth it either.............
  8. awsome :nice: ....when i bought mine it had a few issues also, so i got mine cheap for a few thousand less then blue book had tears in the driver side leather(i put leather from a 98 cobra), has a few hail damage on roof(can't really tell unless you look for it and when i repaint it i'll have that fixed), also has a scrape around the rear tire wheel on the drivers side(looks around 1ft by 1ft), it also had 2 gt rims on it, and it had a very rough idle...:nonono: i look at mine as a rolling you can see with my signature, i have done good luck and a mustang especially a cobra is always an investment....:flag:
  9. I miss my '95 more and more each day. :(
  10. Congrats on the purchase! I just bought my '95 GT a little over a month ago, so I know the feeling! Do the Cobra's really have that much more power than a stock GT?! I roast my 275s in first but only bark hitting second... I have 3.73's, unknown brand h-pipe w/o cats, flowmasters with dumps, bbk underdrive pulleys, and a bbk cold air kit. Damn, I shouldve splurged a little more for a Cobra! :shrug:
  11. it's not a crazy difference, I can squak tires in 3rd in my's more in how ya drive it..then again, i mack 4.10's because i'm sexy like that.

    Congrats however, this thing sounds like a screamer...we all like screamers

    There is a common courtesy rule in this section that states: if you don't post pictures soon after you talk about your car, we all get to visit you and drink all your beer.

  12. Are you still talking about cars here? :rlaugh:
  13. congrats on the purchase and welcome to the better part of Stangnet!

    i was just in Corpus this past week house-sitting for my sister-in-law. did the Ocean Dr thing every day--beautiful area.

    i'm from McAllen, though, but head up there every chance i get. not sure if you're familiar w/ them, but there's a coastal bend mustang club and they're hosting a mustang show at Sames Ford on Ayers on April 14. some of the local guys from around here and i will be up there for that--it's on a saturday.

    congrats on the buy!

  14. :lol: OMG U didn't lol.:rlaugh:

    Sounds Great enjoy it and LOVE IT!!!!!! and be nice to it and it will take good care of YOU.!!!
  15. 2.73s :bang:

    oh well...maybe some forced induction could help out...
  16. i dont think the 302 cobras are a huge differance really a 4v is though lol
  17. Well I just bought new tires for the rear too, so that doesnt help. My bald ass drag radials broke loose when I punched it in second before I guess... Oh well, not being able to spin the tires in 2nd and 3rd keeps me from having to buy new ones too soon! I too want to see pics of the Cobra! I'll post mine as soon as I get a memory card for my camera! Sounds like shes gonna love ya for shining her up!
  18. Nice buy, best of both worlds.
  19. Ok I went to drag races in San Antonio today - it was a regional meet so no bracket racing (Like I would anyway until I am sure the car is 'right")

    But I digress All day the announcer at the track was calling cars "pet" names- I am writing this reply to ask an opinion - I am thinkng of calling the car Sneaky Snake - as most of the mods while be unseen or know until the Laughing Gas button is pressed and the car hooks harder than stock due to and upgraded Steeda rear set up...yes I plan on drag racing this car.

    Is naming your car a stupid thing to do?? And Sneaky Snake ?? too bogus or what?