New 96 Mustang, Have A Little $$$!

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  1. Last year I purchased a 1996 GT auto with only 35k on it! Original owner, Little ol lady, drove it around only a few months of the year. Rio Red. I have spent a lot of time buffing out the paint and getting it to shine!
    It is my daily driver and I am enjoying driving it. My goal is to add some things to it to get the most performance out of it without any "major" engine overhauls!

    Items complete:
    Intake Manifold(Ford PI Intake)
    Plugs, Wires, MSD coils
    K&N CAI
    New headlight and turn signal housings
    wheel spacers
    Rims off of a 2005 GT

    I now have a few hundred in my "spend on the car" fund and won't see any more until after I recover from the holidaze! So what should I do next? About $400 to spend.

    My list of thing I can do now:
    BBK 73mm Throttle Body Intake
    Steeda Underdrive Pulleys

    down the road:
    Gears (3.08 now) thinking about going to 3.73

    Thanks all, I've been using Stangnet for awhile now, it has helped a lot with my new "second wife"(my first wife has named my car ;)

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  2. Do not waste your money on underdrives. They cause charging issues and potentially major balance issues if you spin the car very hard. TB/Intake plenum are always helpful as well as a tune once you're done.

    Save for some PI heads/cams (or aftermarket cams) and you'll have a fun ride. After that get a stall and gears and enjoy.
  3. That is in real nice shape! Not a big fan of wheel spacers though. Gears are the best bang for the buck and with the low miles it should be in great shape for the change. Exhaust may not add that much power but you can tailor it to your taste.
  4. Beautiful car I love the color. I would get gears and a tuner/chip so you can calibrate the speedometer.