New A9L set up for us AODE boys......

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  1. I talked to Chris at mass air yesterday evening and was questioning the new MAF and he states they will have another PIH kit coming out in approx. 3/4 weeks that will have a separate control for the trans. along with the fan control.
    He states " we lose 30/40 horsepower through the 94/95 computer. He states it will run around $700.00 or so.......What do you guys think? I'm going to bed, I'll check the thread in the morning.........:nice:
  2. The money you waste on that you can buy a real tuning device and a datalogging wideband.
  3. is that 30/40hp on stock or modified cars?
  4. Hogwash
  5. I could not agree more Don :nice:

    If I thought I could pick up that kind of gain ................

    I'd start to learn more about the fox pcm and put one in my 95 :D

  6. Well there you have it........I just thought I'd post it, I spoke with several stangers and a tweecer with the professional tune in Pa is 700.00 or so. Chris did not say whether it was stock/ mod that loses. I actually just called about the cost of reprogramming a MAF for larger injectors and we started talking and he brought up the PIH. I told him I had bought one and it did not work with the AODE. That's when he brought up the new one. Thought I'd give you guys something to chew on....LOL
  7. I'm not quite clear about what you get for 700 bux. :shrug:

    A bit more detail if you please :D

  8. Drakesdad - No offense at meant to you - you are just the messenger. My 'hogwash' was for the person who is trying to hard to sell you something using false claims.

    Here's probabaly what you get - an A9L processor (dead stock) -a fan controller, and probably a Baumanator - a decent tranny controller, but nowhere near as good or flexible as the stock EEC.

    Rather than spend the $700, keep the stock EEC with it's far better tranny control, intergrated fan control and get a chip - under $300. I could do a chip that would mimic almost exactly a stock A9L calibration (if someone really wanted it - no 30-40 HP though) - or better yet program it to get the most out of the stock processor. It won't be 30-40 HP, but the only time a tune will get that much power out of a stock vehicle is a Gen 2 Lightning and close to that, an '03-04 Cobra... Or maybe a 6.0 diesel - 120+ RWHP.
  9. Ok first Grady, I looked up Tweecer on Google and there was a add for distributors and one in Pennsylvania states different prices. I think I am correct that one of the packages is around $700.00. and that if you go there you get 1 hour of them turning your car and then you take the tweecer home.......I will try and look it up again.

    Second, NO Worries Dan....I took no offense to your comment, Matter of fact I'm glad you posted because I see your from Deleware (got a few violations in those speed traps years ago). I also see in your second reply that you can do a chip for around $300.00. If that's the case I will have to give you my set up and if you can take care of me I'll make the 2 1/2 road trip this spring....get with me.
  10. Hey Drakesdad - didn't notice you were Buckeye too. Not too many speed traps in Delaware, least that I know of - I used to go to Oregon all the time - I'm a retired EPA scientist and used to go to all the water treatment plant labs for inspections - I went to Oregon all the time - mainly because it was close to Tony Packos... LOL!!

    Actually a mail order style chip from us is $269 + shipping. If your car is stock or near stock (stock MAF and injectors) it should work really well for you. A dynotune isn't $300 - it costs quite a bit more, but we DO a lot more - takes and hour or two of time (or more) for three of us, plus dyno rental and we also do a once-over of the car, check codes, sensors, minor problems, etc. But it IS the best way to get your combo maximized for power and driveability. Email me at [email protected] if you have any more questions because I'm probably dangerously close to spamming here and I like this board and don't want to do that (too much!).


  11. That sounds like a plan Don. I just put you email address in my book and will look you up. I sent the money today for the 40 series flowmasters with dumps.
    I have the H pipe in the garage to be installed. I also have the 70mm throttle body with injectors ordered and working on a deal now for a Pro M Maf......
    Let me get all this hooked up and we'll hook up.......I'm five minutes from Packo's.....gotta love that... My tickets were on 23 just coming into Deleware, I got two in the summer of 94 and 1 in 95. I watch my [email protected]! when I drive through now:D
  12. Here you go Grady,
    This is the site that states they will give you a certain amount of data logging and one tune with the tweecer .
    I did look up one of the distributors and it says you can get it for $550.00
    Thanks as always for the input Grady,
  13. Will

    You've talked about geting a Pro tune your car or doing the self tuning thing.

    As for having a Pro do it .............................

    IMHO, you'd be in good hands with Don turning the spark & fuel knobs.

    The link did not work for me but from my point of view about self tuning with the Tweecer method ............................

    It is possible to get your tune very close without any dyno time if you choose. That would mean time spent on your part to learn the basic operation of the pcm and you'd need a wb for an accurate adjustment of the final wot fuel ratio.

    Having said that ........................

    Why would one buy a self tuning interface and have someone else do the tuning on a dyno?

    Sometimes I have trouble seeing things everybody else has known all along :rlaugh: Maybe this is one of those kinda deals ...... :shrug:

    Seems to me if one does not wanna get involved in the why

    Just use a Pro like Don.

  14. Great advice Grady, as usual your input is much appreciated. I have heard that the learning curve on the tweecer is high but the results are great. I am trying to finish what I started and think I have all the necessary parts, at least the final three are ordered as of tonight. I am hoping to get it all together by the end of the month and see how it runs. I am not against self tuning, I am learning as I most do. I've always been interested in these types of things but did not grow up around it. I have basic knowledge of motors and there parts and have replaced heads before. I just don't know too much on the electrical side and I only learned about the 95 computer in May when I bought it and installed the Trickflow H/C/I and from there have listened to great stanger such as Joe and yourself.......which has been great help.