New Accel Super Coil Install And Now Dont Idle With P0352

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  1. Hello fellas,

    I bought a kit of the 8 coils ACCEL new with NGK Iridium plug, and I install them today, after the installation and i have everything hook up, I start my GT and everything was normal, then after 5 minutes the car idle start to die, then it gave me the CEL with the code P0352 Ignition Coil B Primary/Secondary Circuit Malfunction. Then i start to check every coil to see if was loose any conectors, i found that there were some. I try to plug them carefully since they were loose, then try to start the stang and still the same problem with out the CEL. but the stand dont idle at all. Anyone have any good recomendations of what could be?


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  2. Swap coil #2, second one from front on passengers side with one of your old ones. I believe there is an internal short and you got a bad one. Clear the code and start it up again..BTW Accel is one of the brands that makes part store parts look good on our cars.

    For performance, I'd consider Performance Distributors COP's.
    For stock which is good up to 700rwhp, go with OEM or Visteon (OEM supplier),
    Or for cheap replacements, I've used Standard Motor Products COP's off rockauto. (Actually these went up in price to only $1 cheaper than Motorcrafts) :eek:
  3. Thanks for your tips to troubleshoot. Today I start unplugging everything out again and making sure that i put the right toque to the plugs, and put dialectic grease to the coil and the connectors, plug them back and i was paying attention to make sure that the connectors were good and were connected right. After that I plug the battery again and start my Stang and it was great to hear that BEAST again and the idle so smooth. :) Then I went to put gas 93 oct since I was about to put my diablo tunner 93 oct tune, and wow what a difference. I think that I am happy for the day. Now what I am worry is about my turns signals that idk what to do to find were is the problem is.

    Thanks again for your inputs.