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  1. I love that first pic
  2. Sweet! Looks dame sharp:nice:
  3. Nice car George!!!! Mark
  4. Got to love a 10.2mp Digital SLR camera!
  5. very nice. 2 saleens now?
  6. yep two now. :D
  7. Man George, you gotta build a bigger garage now. How long do you think you can keep your wrenches of that car? I bet not long!! Congrats again, the Sterns look sweet on that grey car.
  8. Yea George.

    She looks great. Tim didn't last long as a foxbody guy. Is he going back to a new edge car?
  9. That's a sweet looking Saleen. What were the motor options on the Fox Body Saleens?
  10. Yes...I love the fox, but its to "bare bones" for me..especially since I drove it daily, and felt pretty guilty about it. After all the BS that has gone on at saleen with no parts availability for pretty much anything pre'04...I might just go buy a 99/04 GT and build my own car. This all started with me finding a 95 s351....but thats pretty much fallen apart, I got a daily driver for the time im gonna take my time replacing it.
  11. Well Tim, Get another mustang and don't be a stranger . At least it went to a good home. "Well I guess". LOL
    You've got until April to get another because thats when our next Talledega day is. You better be there!
    I haven't talked to George yet, but from emails I've got from him I'm about to have his new grey '87 sitting in my shop for some paint work. Thanks Tim! LOL
  12. You are right about one thing, foxes make horrible daily drivers.
    No ABS, no traction control, medicre ride quality.
    It's one of the last real muscle cars, and really aren't for everyone.
  13. George,

    Congrats on the new ride! The Sterns look great on it. I would lightly tint the windows to break up all that gray though...


    Good luck on getting the S351 deal worked out. I am sure you will be happy once the car is in your hands!
  14. it doesnt look like it will be in my hands :(

    I'm starting to consider getting another 96-98 cobra...there is one down in atlanta that I have been sent pictures and stuff about that the guy has to unload...he wants $ just seems like to good of a deal to pass up. So i'm gonna look into mainly b/c its about the same price as your avg sn95 gt in good shape, but its already got not a HP that car with bolt ons and suspension upgrades would be sufficient for me :)
  15. Put a Bassani X pipe on it, music to the ears :)
  16. Well Tim,

    whatever you do, just don't be a stranger.
  17. marcus im not going anywhere...all my internet friends are on the saleen forums :)

    And bart...a full bassani exhaust was my first thought....4v's + bassani = the ****zle
  18. George, Hmmm let's see - 2 Saleens, I guess you qualify as having a "Saleen Garden" - a "Saleen Farm" is 2-10, over 10 is a "Saleen Ranch".