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  1. So, you replaced a blown up Escort with a Saleen?..........SWEEeeeet!
  2. Not exactly Gary. I still have the Escort, I rebuilt the engine in it. I sold my truck to Tim for the Saleen. So now I have to get another truck down the road sometime.
  3. Sweet car. Best of luck with it.
  4. not to steal george's thunder, but I looked at a car today and I think I found my next toy. '96 mystic cobra is pretty good shape...dirt freakin cheap, runs well, paint overall is in good shape...driver seat looks awful, but I wouldnt keep those seats reguardless....looks like it'll work out...we'll see
  5. Tim, remember, that mystic paint is extremely pricey if you ever need it painted.
  6. Seats looked terrible after a year. That high quality leather they used back then. What was the price?
  7. and a 2 car trailer like the Animal. How cool was that to see 2 S351's roll in on a 2 car trailer at the Nationals...... :jaw: :hail2: :nice: :eek:
  8. I may be selling the two car and buying a three car. Possibly and enclosed. I put my race car up for sale today so I doubt I will be selling the 99.
  9. Here is the good of a deal to pass up


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  10. Nice car Tim!
  11. looks great not to mention the price tag too!! Congrats Tim!! How many miles are on the odometer?? I need to find a deal like that as well!!
  12. 122k...but it runs strong, had all the general maintenance which include new IMRC control box, imrc's cleaned, all good to go, new ford water pump as well
  13. You got a great deal on the car.
  14. Hey it's a Mystic. Good trade up Tim.:nice:
    From looking at the second pic, I can tell the dude across the street likes it too.LOL
  15. Nice acquisition George!

    I think i need a set of sterns!!
  16. Thanks. I think I did good getting the Saleen. Now to do some "upgrades" :)
  17. George.

    The grey wheels on the grey car make it look one of a kind.

    I think that is a fantastic trade/deal/swap for both you and Tim.

    He won't need any more Dramamine for the bumpy ride in the fox and you get twin 87's.

    Careful not to mod it too fast. Remember, there is plenty of time.

    Congrats :)
  18. Shame on you Tim. :nono:

    Foxbodies are the ones that started it all.
  19. Marcus I'll always keep all the original parts so if I decide I can always put her
    back to complete stock form like Randy did with his SSC. I agree the 3 piece STERNS look like they
    were made for the car with the color. I may do like Bart suggested and have a light tint done to the windows to
    help break up all the grey color.