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  1. I vote to keep the windows clear. :)
  2. i second that vote :)
  3. [I'm with Bart tint the windows, it just makes the car look better, but thats just my 2 cents
  4. Brian, when did you have your car on the track? I see your avatar you're driving on the track.

    As for the tint, I actually like no tint myself. Tint looks good but it's a PITA to deal with.
  5. No tint George. EEEEW! As for the Wheels. "If it were me", I would get some paint matched to the bottom stripe in the lower stripe kit and then paint the centers with that. Then it would Floooow. Wait! I got it. Lets match the middle more charcoal stripe and that would make the polished lips really POP! Yep, that's what I'm doin to your wheels. Like it or not.LOL Yeah that's it . Hey George "I know fashion" LOL
  6. I think the color is pretty close to the lower stripe already.. what do you think:

    View attachment 355155
  7. I had it on the track at the Saleen Reunion in Lebanon, TN. The show was put on by Music City Mustangs. Its at Nashville Superspeedway, I didn't stop smiling til I got home and turned the car off!!!
  8. Very cool! I love driving the car on the track.