New Addition to Family!

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  1. congratulations!!!

    he going to a mustang baby? :nice:
  2. of course he is! I should say he better be! lol
  3. Congrats! Kids aren't for me, but I'm sure there's no better feeling in the world! :nice:
  4. Thats what I use to say! But it is a very good feeling!
  5. Congrats... kids are a lot of fun
  6. Congrats man! I will have a similar thread any day now, as my boy is due soon. Is he your first?
  7. 2nd, and thanks guys!
  8. Way to go man that's awesome.
  9. Congratulations Guero!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Congrats!!

  13. congrats on your new baby boy! :)
  14. Congrats bro! He's 1 year and 1 day younger than my boy. We celebrated his 1st birthday last saturday....

    made this .gif of him when he was eating his cake. He didnt quite understand at first that he could eat it, so when the frosting got stuck to his hands, he got upset. reminded me of the Hulk. :rlaugh:

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    After that he figured it out :D

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  15. congratulations!
  16. I love that picture!!!
  17. Time flies Guero, we're comin up on Jose's first birthday man. My little dude is just over a month away from being one also. This last year FLEW by for me.
  18. Yea enjoy it while it lasts! Cant believe my little guy will be 2 at the end of this month.
  19. congrats! my "little" ones are now 20 and 17.