New addition

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by mrshl13, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Congrats Man!:nice:
  2. Say goodbye to performance parts. :)

    Congradulations. Be a good dad.
  3. Thanks! I intend to be the best I can be to make him better than me: smarter, stronger and a much better driver when it's his turn at the strip! :nice: The Mustang is still near and dear to my heart but this young man and his mother are top priorities now.
  4. CONGRATS!!! thats a biiiig boy there lol.

    enjoy him as much as possible, the time flies!! and for the first few months you better adjust your schedule of sleep to his,.. he isnt gonna adjust to yours. :nice:
  5. Congrats:D
  6. danng. somebody beat me to saying it but im gonna say it anyways. thats a big ole boy. some babies are ugly when they are born but you got a good one haha. enjoy the new addition. good luck.