~New additions to The Mach!!!~

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  1. Just got the Mach back from paint yesterday. Unfortunately I got rear ended about a month ago, so it needed a new rear bumper & some repair to the decklid, but while it was in the shop I added a few other exterior details. I had Cooks Collision in Elk Grove, California do the paint & bodywork, & it came out great!!! The color match is perfect & the finish came out smooth as glass...

    Lets so if you guys can spot the new additions...

  2. Termi rear spoiler? Looks sooo good!
  3. hmm did you get rid of the side scoops?
  4. Thanks. I already had the 03/04 Cobra spoiler & mirrors, but I added a couple other exterior details this time. I will give you a hint, I lost the love handles & saddle bags LOL...
  5. oh and the side skirts too right? god it looks great
  6. Damn that came out awesome!
  7. Your car looks absoluety beautiful....I really like the wheel setup you have! The shaved scoops work great on the car too....what tire sizes you running? Those are 18's right...

  8. Thanks guys... I love the way it all ended up.

    01palehorsegt, my wheels are 18X9/18X10 with 265/35/18 & 295/35/18 BFG KDW2's.
  9. That car is perfect. :drool:

    Only thing I see different is the side scoops. Is there something else, too?
  10. Thanks bro... Theres 1 other subtle difference. Let's see if you can spot it?

  11. Thanks for the info....do you have any rubbing issues or anything? Plus where did you pick up those cobra mirrors from...been looking for a set of those for quite a while now. What spring strut combo are you running as well? Not sure which MM springs you were running and if you had the bilsteins or others? Sorry for so many questions...just really love the way your car sits...has a very mean stance and appearance.

  12. Added a shorty antenna? :shrug:
  13. No problem Dan.

    My passenger rear tire rubs on hard bumps, but thats mainly because I have 1/4" spacers on the rear to make the wheels sit flush with the fenders. Before I installed those I had absolutely 0 rubbing.

    I picked up the Cobra mirrors used at a wrecking yard, they are EXPENSIVE even used.

    My spring & damper combo is actually MM coilovers at all 4 corners with Bilsteins, thats why I am able to dial in the perfect stance. If you want a similar stance H&R supersports with the lower isolators removed will sit close to the same...

    Thanks for the compliments!!!:D

    Nope thats been there, but I added Cobra rockers, or side skirts...
  14. Looks good, I like the Cobra Side skirts and the Bullitt side scoops
  15. I don't see any sidescoops in those pics, I thought one of the mods was he shaved them off. That car is damn sexy, color pops and all of the exterior mods are tasteful and its still a Mach with minor details upgraded. IMO some clear ambers in the headlights and a light smoke on them will be the perfect touch. Gosh I would love that car in the garage.. And a car worthy of this.. :hail2:
  16. cobra skirts and bullitt side scoops! my next exterior mods!

    Your car keeps getting better looking. Your leaving us all behind!
  17. Thanks!!!


    I actually didn't shave the scoops, but had Bullitt scoop deletes installed... Here is a close up pic of them...

  18. Thanks bro... They will look great on your car with the spoiler delete & R hood...
  19. Ah, I didn't see an antenna in the before pic. May be the angle. I see the Cobra rockers now.

    It's the little small things that most people wouldn't notice, like what you've done (scoop deletes, Cobra rockers, shorty antenna, window tint, etc.), that turn a good looking car into a great looking car.
  20. Your right, I didn't have the shorty antenna on in that pic. I think I broke my 1st one that I bought & that was in between antenna purchases LOL...

    Thanks A LOT bro!!!:nice: