Engine New Aluminum Heads

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  1. Ok well good or bad I took the plunge and bought a set of the revised ProComp aluminum heads for my build. They are the new versions and are machined and assembled in the US with good quality components. Have seen some not so friendly comments on the ProComps but my thinking is that they will run just fine. I will definately let you all know my honest impressions of these heads. If I wasted my $$ I will let you know.
  2. The people that complain about them, dont have them.

    Ive had mine for a few years but they were cnc ported and i changed the springs and the valves.
  3. I have had mine for over a year. I had the engine builder double check all the tolerances and build them with good components. No problems at all.
  4. I don't have a pair of those heads, but I agree. I think they got a bad rep early on. Looking forward to your review.
  5. ive had a pair on my 331 for the passed year, theyve been ported/polished with stiffer springs and they are great! i put a little over 400 Hp down at the wheels!
  6. Local guy had a set of some older casting ported and came out ok, in stock form though they are pretty sad.
  7. The heads have arrived. Took awhile but they had to build them so all seems good out of the box. I checked the spring diameter and they are 1.46 with damper as advertised. Everything looks good as of now. I need a few more components before building the engine though. Water pump, fuel pump (mech), intake (going to order a Weiand Stealth), distributor, starter and carb.

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  8. Friend had some on a 67 he bought with a 347 stroker...worst heads ive ever dealt with..hardly any miles on motor and within a short time started losing compression. .went to the engine shop..guides were trashed as were most of the seats too..power output didn't feel that good either..though he was running an out of the box eddy carb and out of the box msd dizzy with no tuning...

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  9. I'm hoping that's not the case. These heads are from Skip White. They use better quality components when assembling the heads which are suitable for a hydraulic roller cam. Hopefully it makes a difference. The heads actually look quite nice and the short side radius even looks pretty good. Like I said, my gut tells me they will run just fine. We shall see.