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  1. I just ordered a pair of these from AM. After shopping around, I found nobody could beat the price. I like the different look. Free shipping too.
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  2. American Muscle

    I've ordered twice in last month from American Muscle. Ist order was: 18" staggered wheel/tire package - extremely fast shipping (free) and by UPS which can be tracked easily. My second order is coming today according to tracking information. This order is: H&R Super Sport Springs, Chrome underhood dress-up kit, Steeda CAI and SCT SF3 tuner. All little "tweeks" for my 2011 Mustang GT.
  3. Yeah man, no complaints about American Muscle. I've been using them for years. Great customer service and free shipping is excellent.
  4. Yessssssss...

    Get itttttttttttttttt.....

    Doooooo ittttttttttttttt....
  5. From what I've read this is a good way to go for my first mod. Just got to get my post count up :nice:
  6. Yep,

    then gears.... then cams.... then supercharger... then nitrous.... THEN THE WORLD!! :ban:
  7. Sounds good to me, I've only gotten as far as planning the tune/CAI and gears. Here is my list of mods Phatman: 2011 Mustang GT

    Can you put a supercharger on an 2011 GT automatic? I was looking at the Ford Racing ones and it looks like they are manual only.
  8. Thanks for all of the kind feedback, everyone. Glad that you're satisfied with the products and service. Let me know if you ever need anything! You know where to find us...

    You can definitely put a supercharger on a 2011 Automatic. The reason the Automatic one isn't available from Ford racing is simply because of the calibration. The supercharger will fit (small vacuum line differences). You just need a good custom tune!

    And of course, we price match and ship for free ;)

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  9. Yeah, you can defenitely put a charger on the autos. Ford Racing has a kit as do a few others.

    I just ordered some Tokico shocks from AM... WOO HOOO.... Got my tracking info today :nice:
  10. Ordered from them a few times also, super fast shipping and excellent customer service!:nice:
  11. i was thinking about ordering the sct chip for my 88 mustang from them , but not sure it would work , i have higher compression an to meny mods for it from what i was reading so dont know what i should do
  12. If every business could have CS like AM, the internet would be such a better place to shop!
  13. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

    We strive everyday to be the best at what we do and it's nice to get feedback like this, letting us know that we are on the right track!

    Thanks again!
  14. I bought the SCT BAMBA tuner just the other day. Can't wait to see what it can do for my 2012 GT
  15. That's great! Thanks for the support/patronage and for posting up!

    Let us know how you like it when you get it!:nice:
  16. I'm waiting to order my stuff till next week sometime :D I'm slowly rebuilding my 96' GT after it overheated and blew the gaskets and cracked the intake :( but im getting the bbk shorty headers, urethane motor mounts and staggered 17X9 / 17X10.5 hypercoated bullits :)