New and have a picture request of sheet metal interior

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  1. I looked through all the forums and nothing really seemed to fit what I wanted, so I figured well I have a 2.3T so I guess this is as good a spot as any.

    I have an '81 that I am swapping the Turbo Coupe drive line/brakes/suspension into. Guess I should share some progress pic's huh? Here ya go,

    First the answer to why am I destroying a TC,

    View attachment 313003

    Frame rail is rusted through and no longer safe to drive.

    Get rid of the k-member, engine, suspension and rust!

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    Now paint it,

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    Chop up the donor so no one else can hurt them selves in it,

    View attachment 313009

    But any ways. I can't find pic's of sheet metal interior in a fox body. Help?
  2. Nice work on the Mustang. Had to laugh because my 86 LX currently has Turbo Coupe wheels as well.

    In the pic of the Turbo Coupe it looks like the disc brake rear is still in the car? I hope you plan to pull that and use it in your Mustang, heck of a brake upgrade and if the TC was manual or automatic it would have either 3.55:1 traction lock rear or a 3.73:1 Traction Lock rear.

    I am getting a 3.55:1 TC rear end out of friends TC and cant wait to get it into my 91 LX convertible.

    Only thing I have seen is Wolf Racecraft sells aluminum door panels and sells a trunk separation panel to prevent fuel from coming into the vehicle. It is required in some classes if the fuel tank is located inside the vehicle.

    I would like to see pics as well. I have always been a fan of the Shelby Daytona Coupes and most started with a bare alumium sheetmetal interior.
  3. I'm running on TC rims as well. LOL...Sure beat the 15" turbines...