New Aquisition 351 Cleveland

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by D.Hearne, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Well me and the kid went J'yard hunting today, didn't find anything in the yards, but stopped to check out yet another "Stang sitting in the front yard" Looked like a 69 Coupe with a 70 front clip. The guy didn't want to sell the car but I did relieve him of one 351C 2 bbl motor sitting in the front yard, exposed to the elements.( not a good sign) The motor had an Edelbrock performer intake for 2 bbl heads. With a good glass beading it'll be good as new. Took the motor home and onto the engine stand. Valve covers missing ( they were chrome) The rockers were stockers w/aluminum fulcrums ( scrap) pushrods straight but rusty. The valve springs and retainers were aftermarket ( one piece retainers ) pulled the heads--- exposing TRW forged 30 over flattops. motor was froze up from water and the fireants nesting in the intake. tore down the shortblock. piston removal went good, nothing stuck too bad, bores look ok after a good honing ( might not have been if it had stayed where it was any longer) nothing pitted. pistons will be as good as new after cleaning. now for the best part, As much as I know George Reids book on Ford parts interchange is full of mistakes, it does say that a Boss 351 crank is cast "4MA" , so did the crank in this motor. It's been turned 10/10 and theres no damage from sitting in the yard, cleaned up nicely, little surface rust on the counterweights though, but none on the journals. Block is a 2 bolt main cast in January 13 1973. Gonna get it and the heads tested for cracks, then put them and the rest up for sale.
  2. Sweet :nice: Im guessing this is a regular thing for you, but em cheap, and re-sell them and make some money :)

    BTW- I sent your check earlier this week, im not sure how long it will take to get there, but i thought i would just let ya know.
  3. Yea, your check was in yesterday's mail, but I didn't get home till 6 or so. I'm gonna put your trunk lock in the mail Monday. I was waiting on a couple others payments that should have been here before yours, but yours got here faster even though it came the furthest. Can't tell about the mail. :lol: