Exhaust New Axelback Exhaust With Either H-pipes Or A Cai Unit

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by mcook4076, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Im looking into replacing my exhaust with an axelback exhaust on my 2008 GT/CS 5 spd 4.6L. First whats the difference between catback and axelback? Also, for now all Im wanting to do is just make my car louder. Would I benefit more with getting H-Pipes or does my car alread have them? Or should I go ahead and get a CAI with the tuner and the exhaust?
  2. Cat back runs from the cats (in front of the rear axle) out the back. Axle back just replaces the mufflers (behind the axle) and the tips. On a stock car or even a mildly modified one, there is no benefit to getting a cat back system. If you're just after more sound, axle back is the ticket. Our cars have factory H pipes. You can replace that with an off-road (no cats) or a catted version; there are also X pipes available on both flavors. H "tends" to give a more traditional muscle car sound, while the X "tends" to be more raspy sounding. The factory exhausts actually flow very well on these cars; they just aren't very loud.
    As far as a tuner and CAI, they are perhaps the best bang for the buck mod you can get, aside from gears. You can expect a realistic 15-25HP gain, at the wheels, from a CAI and tuner (depending on tune). Also, just about any mod that you do will require a new, updated tune so the tuner is a must have. Most vendors will provide free updated tunes if you purchase the tuner from them (American Muscle, Brenspeed).
  3. Yeah I LOVE American Muscle. It comes with free tunes for life from Bama Tunes. So pretty much just do the CAI and an axle back?
  4. Yeah, that would be a good starting point (CAI, tuner, axle-back). Down the road, if you want more sound, you can go long tubes and x/h pipe of your choice.