New Bbk Intake

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by whitespeed, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Does anyone have any pics? I lost my catalog. Does anyone have any specs on it? thanks
  2. If you are talking about cold air intakes, check the addy in my sig. I have the MAC one for SD cars, but they are about the same. Made a little difference in my car, namely throttle response and a little more power in high RPM. good luck.
  3. I think hes talking about the intake manifold. I know bbk came out with one recently.
  4. sorry for not making myself clear, the intake manifold is correct
  5. how much do they want for it and does anyone have any flow numers for it?
  6. yea i want to see some pics
  7. I looked on their website but couldn't find any info or pics. :(
  8. It's not out yet.....There is a picture of the lower in their new catalog. It sorta looks like a Trick Flow lower, but the runners are longer and staggered a bit more.
  9. I talked to a guy who works at Brothers and he said it is going to outflow TF, and Edelbrock intakes, but sell for that price. He also said the fuel rails are set up for nitrous and it should be out in or near January possibly February
  10. ooo even outflow teh new RPM II?
  11. Thats what they said