New believer in Meg's NXT

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  1. Maybe its my paint, but everytime I ever used any meg's wax on my protege, it would ALWAYS leave streaks. I tried the gold class and the NXT, but I had the same problem. I always waxed after washing in the shade with the surface cool, but always had a problem.

    I just used the NXT on my step dad's Tribute, and it worked wonders. Went on easy and came off easy! I really like my zymol with S100, but the NXT is a really quick alternative that gives good results. I'll try it on the stang next time.
  2. Why typically causes streaks with most products is not leaving it sit long enough before you wipe it off. I have found this to be true with NXT. I generally let it sit for about 20 minutes before wiping it off. It may even take longer if it is humid where you are.
  3. I am glad I read this thread because I have had a problem with the streaking on my car after using the NXT wax.I will try leaving it on longer.Thanks.
  4. yep I usually doing it in the sun or to much heat will cause alot of problems too..thats why I borrow my buddies garage :)
  5. NXT gen tech wax is the best wax out there.
  6. That is .....if you like a second or third rate wax :D TW Ultra Gloss is a mcuh better investment. Then I would buy Eagle One Nanowax, and somewhere down the line NXT would fall in. :stick:
  7. Don't care if it's 10th rate. It makes swirls disappear and brings the color out better than anything I have put on it.

    Only Zaino is better and it isn't a wax.
  8. Pretty good I would say for a 3rd rate wax. Ohh and by the way, there is absolutely NO WAX in NXT Tech Wax, it is a pure polymer sealant.

  9. Hence, better than turtle wax. :D
  10. Used it............not better, but good try
  11. a coat of NXT then a coat of Gold Class.. works nice

    but yes and I also love the Eagle One Nanowax :nice: :nice:
  12. Totally sold on NXT. It's actually hard to get a shot of a black car without ending up being a reflection.

  13. Wow is NXT a meguiars product. I've been using platinum turtle on my ride but the swirls are still there. If I use this miracle NXT do I need to remove the wax first? Also, what is teh prep before using the NXT? Just a wash? Thanks for the help.
  14. i agree i used to use zymol but the NXT is the way to go!
  15. Buffing is the only wat to remove swirls, now if you want to hide them I'm guessing by the responses here NXT hides them pretty well. And yes NXT is a meg's product.

  16. Wash your car with Dawn dish detergent. Detergents strip the old wax and also bug guts/tar!

    I also used Mother's Oxidizer on my car prior to waxing with NXT. It was great! Goes on just as easy and comes off the same. The only annoying thing is that it turns to dust when you remove it. I used the leaf blower!!! :D
  17. Go to for all the info and tips on using NXT or any other product they have. Alot of really good info.
  18. I used NXT inbetween my Zaino jobs. Works good for a 20 minute detail. Zaino or Clearkote products are by far the best imo though. Considering Clearkote Vanilla Moose to use with my Zaino.
  19. NXT is great but i like #20 for my silver stang
  20. Think again paint sealants like Zaino have a hard time bonding with VM because of the oils in it. I love VM but topped with a pure carnuba wax (no bonding issue problems reported).