New best.. cams w/ stock heads & intake

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Kurgan, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Mods are basically long tube headers, offroad X pipe, Flowmaster Deltaflow 40's dumped, EGR delete, Steeda U/D pulleys, SuperChips Tuner Pro Racer Package, 4.10's, slicks. I have other suspension/drivetrain modifications, if you want to see what everything is, check the link in my signature.

    First, my previous best:

    R/T	  0.629
    60'	  1.626
    330'	  5.119
    1/8	  8.060
    MPH	 82.410
    1000'	 10.607
    1/4	 12.762
    MPH	106.830
    Now, with some Comp Cams XE270AH Hot Street PI cams, still in the stock heads with stock intake. I also changed the valve springs when I did the cams.

    Here's my times for last night:
    R/T	  0.573	  0.559	  0.587	  0.490	  0.596 
    60'	  1.689	  1.645	  1.643	  1.632	  1.634 
    330'	  5.203	  5.091	  5.087	  5.066	  5.069 
    1/8	  8.097	  7.947	  7.961	  7.933	  7.933 
    MPH	 85.000	 86.360	 85.900	 85.980	 86.330 
    1000'	 10.618	 10.443	 10.444	 10.424	 10.421 
    1/4	 12.751	 12.565	 12.575	 12.548	 12.548 
    MPH	106.570	106.870	106.530	106.850	106.880 
  2. How aggressive do these cams sound? what RPM is your idle?

  3. They're pretty aggressive. There's quite a bit of duration to them. .550/.550 lift, .270/.274 lift (advertised), .234/.238 lift @ 0.050", 113ยบ LSA. I have them idling at 950 RPM. No sound clip yet. I might be able to get one this weekend.
  4. Can you explain you EGR delete? Is that when you replace that tube with a smaller breather filter? If so, what did you do to the passenger side one? Thanks.
  5. A sound clip would be great! Haven't heard this grind yet.

    Thanks.. :D
  6. There's a tube that runs between your header and your intake manifold. I capped off where the tube plugs in on the header and cut a plate of aluminum and put it and the EGR gasket in place over the opening on the intake for the EGR. I pulled the tube and valve out of the car completely and blocked off the vacuum lines for it. It sets off an SES light, but I have the EGR disabled in my tune.
  7. Nice consistant #'s on the last few runs. :nice:
  8. Kurgan, those are nice times. You finally dipped into the 12.50's. Congratulations. I feel with more pratice, you'll knock a few more tenths off. I still think you and Bill should of got some brass ones and went with VTengines Wild N/A cams lol. Seriously though, nice gain. :nice:

    PS. Did you get a tune yet ?
  9. Nice times Kurgan!!
    I have basicly the same set up as you except for the drive train mods. I'm getting the exact same cams installed as you have. My mechanic said that I'll need a tune before I can drive the car especially with thoes cams. were you able to start up the car and drive it before your tune? Also did you do the install yourself?
  10. Great question? is thier any drivability with the stock tune?
  11. I installed them myself. The cam swap itself wasn't too bad. Installing the valve springs was a PITA, though. You will need a tune before it will idle properly. It will be driveable without a tune, but the car will likely die at intersections because it won't hold the idle. I had to give it more air at idle and increase the idle speed to 950 RPM.. and it still occasionally will die.
  12. Great time but I don't feel there is a big difference
  13. Don't feel there is a big difference in what? :confused:
  14. hey kurgan your car is badass. I'm trying to make mine like yours but
    i'm probably going to go with some different cams. Those are some good times.
    Also what do you run without slicks? thanks.
  15. Great times. Took a full 2/10s off with just cams is not bad at all. I guess you added in the neighborhood of 18-23 rwhp?

    Also, I absolutely love the way your car looks. Expect a PM from me on Sunday. I want to discuss what's its like running 15 inch wheels for everyday driving. Those 10" stars in back look great with the skiinies. Very nice setup.
  16. I haven't run my car without slicks for a couple of months. I ran a [email protected] on my street tires a few weeks before I put my slicks back on to try to get into the 12's. This was before I dumped my exhaust, put the cams in and did the tune. I ran 12.8's on slicks with basically the same setup. I could probably run 12.9's or 13.0's on my regular ol' radials..
  17. Haven't dyno'd it yet, and I haven't fully tuned the car yet, either. I'd say my gains are around the 20rwhp mark as a rough guess.
  18. sounds about right.. cool gains bro. and you did this all by yourself?? sweet deal
  19. In 1/4 time