New best.. cams w/ stock heads & intake

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Kurgan, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. He dropped 2 tenths of a second. That is a big difference to me with just cams and no head work. And he still has to relearn how to drive the car, everything changes with a different powerband.


  2. Dave, congrats on the new bests!

    04Cobra, 2 tenths is a huge improvment... especially when its on his first night out. there is plenty more in his car for sure.

  3. And in worse weather than my previous best :shrug:
  4. :nice: awesome improvement!

    some people don't understand what it takes! great job!
  5. Way to go man!!! Now, I definitely have cams in the near future for my car!! Damn...
  6. Good Job Kurgan!
  7. YOu said the car occasionally dies with a tune? How can this be fixed? Cams were a good mod, but who wants to be stalling at intersections?
  8. Raise the idle speed and tell the computer it needs more air to idle. You'll need a chip/tune with the cams for it to idle properly. My car hasn't died at idle for quite a while now.
  9. awesome times there man. very sweet mph gain the the 1/8, 82 vs. 86.
  10. nice 1/4 times... did you have to change your breaks to get those welds to fit your stang. I was told I had to change my breaks to put 15" welds on my gt.

  11. nice new times :nice:
  12. On 99+ GT's, all you need is a 7/16" spacer on your front hubs for the skinnies. The rear 15x8's or 15x10's will fit fine with the 5.5" and 6.5" backspacings (respectively). On 94-98 GT's, you'll need the 7/16" spacer, but you'll have to grind the calipers down a bit, too.

  13. what does this accomplish, just out of curiousity. i'm not being a wise ass, i really don't know
  14. About the MPH..... uhhh.. how come it gained so much in the 1/8 and nothing in the 1/4?!?!? :shrug:
  15. By reading the time slips, it appears as though it is being chocked down by the stock intake manifold on the big end. Add a better intake and he should see that 4mph gain out the back door as well.

  16. I didn't realize how little the stock ones where I guess, that seems like a lot of restriction.... could this be done by simply porting the stock one instead of buying a $1200 intake?
  17. nice times man.

    so far the PI intake is the best bet until the fox lake intake comes out. The buillitt intake is just waay expensive for me.

    And for those who question 2 tenths, It takes a good 20~30 hp to drop 2 tenths when you're running high 12's. For what I would estimate he paid around $550~$650 for the cams and springs, 25ish HP is a STEAL.
  18. Actually I can attribute a lot of it to the fact that I have trouble powershifting to fourth gear at anything over 6000 RPM. I'm taking third all the way up to about 6500 RPM before shifting to fourth. I was running 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears all the way up to 6500 RPM, and I had to make a slower shift to 4th. I guarantee if I can start nailing some 4th gear powershifts, that mph should go up to 108+.

    That, and like VTEngines said, my stock intake may be holding me back a little!!
  19. Nice times, but where is the MPH?
  20. :nice: congrats.

    This was at Moroso I assume? Just looking at your short's nice to see how far their track prep has come in the last 6 months or so. It's making me a little nervous about running Nittos.