New best.. cams w/ stock heads & intake

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Kurgan, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. is that something you can adjust quick and easy with the SCT and a laptop? ive seen some of the threads on MD, but honestly, i havent payed much attn to them.

    Starkie is ringing my ears trying to talk me into the SCT software over our custom tuned Autologic chips.

  2. Nice times, it's a great feeling when you install something on your own car and see the results. :nice:
  3. I'm just gonna buy it and slap it in your car. Maybe then the plugs won't keep fouling.... :stick:

  4. I haven't had much trouble with mine yet, as far as stalling. It likes to load up some at low RPM when cold, but other than that it runs pretty well. I'm on the stock tune, stock timing. I plan on getting it tuned next month.
  5. you ARE my hero, you know that, right? the fouling plugs thing is getting REAL old. goddamn lean ass tune!

  6. See my post above yours.

    Yep, at Moroso. They've definitely improved their track prep over the last few months. Still takes them forever to clean up a wreck or after it rains, though. I waited 3 hours while they dried the track on Friday night after some rain. :rolleyes:

    Yeah it's easy to do. There's a rev/speed limiter scalar section you can just change the idle speeds at, and you can modify the amount of air being given to the motor for idle speeds by editing the isc_Neutral_idle_air and isc_Drive_idle_air tables under the "idle" section. It uses values of 0.000 to 2.000. I just bumped the existing values all up by .05 until it idled properly.
  7. I was going to ask that. I was curious on the MPH, but I guess that is it. I would seem to me that you should still pick up a little MPH, but I maybe wrong. Obviously, the cams helped a lot and made your car faster, just curious on the MPH. What were the DA's of the first run compared to the last ones?

    Eitherway, it is good to see all you guys doing great with cams. Too bad I kind of was the guinny pig for the erson cams and did not get the success you guys have.
  8. My previous best of 12.76 was in about 800' DA and my latest 12.54 was at about 1200' DA.
  9. Another new best, same setup, still untuned

    12.445 @ 108.38