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  1. i went to cecil with paul and charlie last weekend although i only made one pass i raised my mph to 122.83 i don't think that is bad at all for being in full street trim on my 4 year old nittos and a full trunk of stuff . thanks to paul for lending my his helmet . :nice:
  2. what was the ET
  3. almost the exact same 11.58 i bogged this time though so i know it has more in it the new rear susp still needs some tweeking,
  4. Hey buddy, you have soooo much left in your car!! You easily, and I mean easily have a 10 sec. car. Very sweet ride for anybody who hasnt seen it in person.
  5. I agree with GMKiller. Troy's car is just as impressive looking as it is fast.

    Wish we could have seen the run, but we had 9 hours of running ahead of us to get home.
  6. It seems like your car is heavy. What was the ET with that mph?

  7. I believe it was an 11.58
  8. Now that's movin...
  9. thanks guys as far a weight goes i am not sure it should be around 3200 ??? i think the mph is good for high 10's with traction.i guess i should have taken mike up on using his et streets :bang: