New bests 95 AODE Deeeeeep 11's

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  1. Went to the track today.. I ran the best et and mph it has ever run on motor AND on the bottle

    1.584 sixty
    1/8 7.234
    94.94 mph
    [email protected] on the drag radials!!!!!

    On motor
    1.93 sixty
    8.38 1/8th
    84.89 mph
    [email protected]

    Keep in mind this is with a aode /stock cam and a 360 lb driver.. car weighs 3600 with me in it!!!!!

    Wife drove it on motor to a [email protected] mph (200+lbs lighter)

    Comments and suggestions welcome!

    I figure loosen the convertor to help the motor performance and a set of long tubes and my goal of 10.99 with the stock cam is attainable


    Tony Davidson
    owner T & A Automotive
    Huntington, Texas
    95 gt aode.. Stock shortblock, stock cam, 1.7 's,afr165's,cobra intake,full exhaust, c & l 76mm,AODE with PI convertor,Lentech "brake" valve body,JMS chip,3.73's,NOS dry kit,etc....

    [email protected] on bottle
    [email protected] and
    [email protected] (wife driving 200+lbs lighter than me )
  2. You probly could break into the 10's with the wife driving on the bottle, but do you trust her? What shot are you running?
  3. Yeah i trust her..

    She went a 11.40 off the foot brake leaving kinda soft.. But the trans brake kinda scared the ****nitt out of her.. Gonna go back again with a fresh bottle and see what happens..

    Plan on loosening the convertor and adding some longtubes and then go hunting the 10.99 with the stock cam..

    150 shot
  4. How many miles do you have on your shortblock? I wanted to know because I will be spraying this summer.
  5. man your all motor times with the wife driving are the same as my blower times
    120k mile 94 GT aode convertible.. all stock motor, all stock trans,
    373s and exhuast, 10lbs of vortech boost. who knows how heavy.. damn good times though, that things a beast with the Nitrous!
  6. Man that thing is a beast. That is crazy fast for a auto I guess that a stall really helps alot. I hope to get low 13's high 12's after I get a 5-speed do you think that is possible?
  7. I am not sure about all applications, but for the most part you don't want a real loose converter on the bottle. You don't say what stall you are running now. I just thought I would throw my 2 cents out there. Great times though
  8. I keep telling people that you dont HAVE To HAVE a new cam, esp with these finicky computers, to run good times.(I think new Roller rockers are sufficient) Im hoping with my AODE to get in the mid 12's with the blower, power pipe, intake, MAM, and PA Torque converter all coming in MARCH, added to my current mods. (see sig)

  9. RC, 12's no problem... Just last week at the track i got 13.6's
    and a 107.3mph... That was easy as hell too, if i actually practiced and had some good tires ide be in the 12's. (12.7-8's).. without a convertor, in a heavy vert... So no doubt, with tires and those mods u are doing, u should be hitting 12.5's 12.7's at 108mph or so.. Without good tires its easy as heck to hit low-mid 13's all day long at 107-108mph... so dont worry, its going to be fast.. But u will soon find out, its not fast enough lol!
    but trapping 107mph is a slight thrill, gives me a rush!
  10. 107 trap on a 13.6 is :nice: Tells you just how much upper end power that Vortech will give you. On top of the Vortech, that intake, MAM, TB and esp TC will really help out. Also, the guys at the shop Im going to does great work, and they will be doing a DYNO tune on it to get the MOST HP I can possibly get on that setup.

    Thanks For the Encouragement Mike

  11. only reason that is a 13.6 is becuase im running on street tires.. getting a 2.3 60' and easing into 2nd and 3rd gears to avoid hitting the stock 5500rpm rev limiter... and also my car is untuned and running pig rich, so u see theres alot more in it still..
    But man its fun, fun to watch whoever u are racing be beside u one second, then in the rearview a couple seconds latter, then by the end of the 1/4, i look back and see two TINY headlights 500 or so feet backraced this 70's or late 60's Hemi baracuda (383) at the track, he got out of the hole quicker then me, only becuase i let him, but when i put the pedal down he was history... seriously he went back, as if he put his car in reverse!! Dont get me wrong, my cars no rocket by any means, its just im really surprised at the blower and what it did to my [email protected] car...
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  13. Hey Bigtony, have a few ?'s for you.

    I remember reading about some problems you were having with the rev limiter that comes on AODE cars. Did you ever run at the track with the 3:73's and the stock rev limiter?

    Just wondering as I will be running the juice at the track this year, and I wondering if my next mod money would be better spent on getting rid of the rev limiter, as opposed to buying a new torque convertor.
  14. That the stock AODE?
  15. The rev limiter is no different between an AODE and a 5speed. From what I understand the problem with the AODE is that it shifts electronically based on a Speed sensor, Vehicle Load and RPM. So when you change to a 3.73 gear it will hit the rev limiter before it completes the shift. This can all be fixed with any "chip"
  16. :jaw: :eek: DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your car must have full drag suspension or something. Either that or that's one hellafied JMS chip. What kind of drag radials are you running? Nittos or BFGs? What size rims are they one? 15x10 with some 335 BFGs? those times are amazing. I knew a set of AFR 165 would be all I need. And I have and edelbrock intake and I will have a plate system when I get nitrous. I plan to spray 150 shot. You must have ported the $h!t out of the Cobra intake and did some extra porting on those AFRs. So, tell us....whats the WHOLE story on your car??????? I gotta know!!!PLEASE!!!
  17. All I know is, my rev limiter is kicking in around 5200. There are a lot of threads of AODE users hitting this, I'm not about to go digging them up now. One I think I saw on the Corral goes into it in some detail.

    I'm not having a problem with 3.73's hitting the rev limiter in drive. My valve body fixed that up.

    I am thinking about bumping up the rev limiter so that I don't hit it, and don't run out of gear while going down the 1/4 track.
  18. On the AODE cars the rev limiter is at 5200rpms and on the 5 speed cars the rev limiter is at 6200rpms. Thats why I had to change my computer when I switched from AODE to Tremec, I had to buy computer for a 5 speed car.
  19. untrue the limiter is lower on a aode mine shut fuel off at 5200-5300rpm so i got a chip and raised the shift to 6k and rasied the limiter to 6200. very happy with the chip so far.