New bests 95 AODE Deeeeeep 11's

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  1. I had a 3200 PI stall and now i have a 3800 pi stall.. I don't know why but i have not recieved any updates to this thread until TODAY :shrug:

    With a lockup convertor you can run a much more aggressive stall speed.. My car currently get over 20 mpg on the road and over 16 around town..

  2. Well i would really say you need to do both.. I never ran with the 3.73
    s at the track.. The reason you need to do both.. The stock converter is very weak and they claim at more than about 5500 they will start to baloon.. This is supposedly the reason the rev limiter is so low on auto applications witha aode..

  3. Stock rebuild with a lentech valvebody and a pi stallion conveter.. OH a big cooler and a deep pan and filter off a 96 up aode..
  4. You must be smoking something :bs: .. The aode rev limit is at 5500 rpm.. PERIOD..

  5. Well i am a regular poster on Corral and dfw.. I don't know what happened but i have never recieved any updates to this thread until today xmas day 03 :shrug:

    The car has a stock unported cobra intake.
    UNported afr 165's
    BFG 275/50/15's
    Car make 300 at the wheels on motor and a little over 400 on the bottle..

    THE track was flat hooking that day.. I have nothing suspension wise except a custom posi rebuild by me and a set of 90/10 struts and subframe connectors..

    It has since been a 12.90 with me driving on motor and a [email protected] with my wife driving.. I loosened the converter and put a set of longtubes and a dr gas x pipe on the car.. I have not gotten it to hook a dead hook again on the bottle but it has been a [email protected] recently.. Unless something falls thru though i have the car sold supposed to meet saturday..
  6. oh and for anyone interested the car weighed in at 3635lbs with me in it onthe days those passes were ran.. I weigh in at 355lbs..approx..

    To think i started this build and sold a low 10 second car just because a ls1 dumbazz told me i couldn't outrun him in a aode 302 mustang... BOY did he find out he waswrong..
  7. Hey BIGTONY.. Welcome over here!
    You have helped me quite a bit over there on Corral with the AODE stuff.
    Thanks again!
  8. Thanks and your welcome :D

  9. WWHHHAAATTT!!! You mean you're ditching the Stallion???? Tell me it's not true.....
  10. There are some variations, not every AODE got the same computer in 94/95. On a related note ... the 5-speed GT computer is 7000 RPM :eek:, as if the motor would survive trying to see that RPM. The Cobra computer is 6250.

  11. AODe EECIV

    As I understand it there were two versions, T4M0 and W4H0. The W version was the high alt prg version. I've never set down w/my Tweecer and did a complete side by side comparison of the two. Also the 94/95 Cobras has the J4J1 tune which is a great base for bolt on modified GTs.
  12. :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:

    This thread is from JANUARY 2003!! :rlaugh: :lol:

    When I posted that, I was gonna go with the PA Converter, until I was swayed otherwise :lol: :rlaugh:

  13. Wayne, Vib and I may be calling you tomorrow.

    If we dont, then look for our pics of the work done tomorrow!

  14. AND he might end up regretting that,, on a side not i heard a pretty reliable rumor the other day that PA was getting PI to build their converters now :nice:

    SO if that is true he will still get a "stallion"

  15. I should have qualified that by saying that was true for all aode equipped 94-95's with a U4P0!! WHich is in my car..

  16. If memory serves me correct the w4h0 also has a 5500 rpm rev limit.(slept a few nights since then) I tried a different calibration aode computer when i was trying to find a "factory" computer that would not freak out with a wide ratio gear set in the trans.. It still was wacky so i ended up going back to a standard gear set and forgetting about the wide ratio version..
  17. Yeah i still have not figured out why i got the only update from stangnet on XMAS day that there had been people respondeing to this thread :bang: :shrug: