New blog for people who love to DRIVE their Mustang

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  1. Hello, StangNet members,

    I'm brand new to this group, and I hope to be a regular contributor. I've owned classic Mustangs since 1988--twenty-three years now! For the past 16 years I've owned a nicely optioned '67 Mustang convertible, and I recently started a blog that will highlight this car in ways you might not have imagined.

    Please visit Sweet Chariot

    Let me know what you think! This blog will really get busy whenever I hit the road, which is fairly often.

    Bruce Gamble
    Lynn Haven, FL
    Bay Mustang Club
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  2. I like it! It's always cool to see a classic car and her owner experience life together. It provides loads of needed inspiration to get my car running! Nicely done.