New Bullit?

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  1. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt will reprise the role of one Steve McQween as detective Frank Bullit in a remake of Bullit! Does that mean that Ford will release another special edition Bullit Mustang based on the 2005+ Mustang? :D
    And since they don't make Chargers no more, I wonder what car will be chased by the new Bullit? The new GTO... (I'd still prefer a Hemi Mopar :nice: )
  2. I can see it now the big chase scene with a '03 Cobra and a SRT-4 :nonono:
  3. I heard that too, this good be awesome. :nice: I hope they use a new Mustang in it...I think it'd be retarded if Bullitt drove something else. :flag:
  4. You know what kills me?

    Hollywood is so short on good ideas that they have to remake cult classics. And if it isn't a cult classic, then it has to be a '70's or '80's TV show. It wasn't bad enought that they ruined Charlies Angels, but I heard that they are remaking not only The Dukes of Hazard, but also The A-Team. Then there is the remake of an '80's movie. Such as Superman.

    Now this? The Mustang will probably be some gussied up 68 Fastback that looks nothing like the original (think Eleanor) and the Charger will probably be a Viper or something.

    Hollywood sucks sometimes.
  5. Well by the time this is supposed to come out Dodge might be making the Charger again.
  6. Can't defend the TV show and movie remakes but Superman isn't really a remake. I mean the character has been around for over 60 years so it's kind of hard to call a new movie based on Superman a remake. Just like the Batman movies weren't remakes of the stuff they did in the 60s.
  7. true enough.
  8. A new Bullit movie. UGh the first one bored me to sleep. I woke up just in time for the chase scene.
  9. :lol:

    SOOOOOO True! I still to this day have never really figured out the whole plot of that movie. But damn that was a cool chase scene!
  10. At least you figured out there might have been a plot. All I remember was something in a hospital. Then something in a hotel. And the car chase. The rest is all black. But in it's defense I have seen significantly worse movies.
  11. out of all the remakes, I want this one. I have been waiting for this before gone in 60 seconds came out.
    slightly ot- i think the original gone in 60 seconds is lame. it's like watching keystone cops in squad cars. friggin stupid.
    and the main character looks like a guy that drives white cargo vans if you get my drift.
    i take no part in the vintage mustang world putting this up on a pedestal and calling it sacred.
    heck, i love bullit and steve mcqueen, but I'll welcome a decent remake anyday.
  12. I actually stayed awake for the original gone in 60. It was cheesy though.
  13. Me too. I have to say the chicken boy is right. Halicki (SP) does look like he should be parked in front of a school in a van with porthole windows on the side. But that honestly had to be one of the best (REAL) chase scenes I have seen.

    The best part of the movie is that they did the entire car chase using the exact same car.

    If they do the Bullitt remake, they will have to rewrite the whloe thing so it makes some form of sence. I could care less what the bad guys drive, but they better make the new Mustang look like it is supposed to.
  14. If they use an 06 cobra against a viper or maybe a Maruader, that would be pretty cool. Id go just for the required car chase.
  15. I'd like them to use an 01 Bullitt Mustang, and hopefully Dodge will make the Charger again (which better a @#$!% 2 door) so they could use it also. If they don't have a new Charger, then why not use a 68 like the original? :shrug:
  16. Because it will handle like $h1T! :rlaugh:
  17. That would be sweet if they used the '01 Bullitt in the remake. Another sweet idea would be to use the movie to introduce a new Bullitt nodel on the next Mustang Model. I'd be happy with the '01 and '68 Bullitts making a cameo in the movie.
  18. be even cooler if they made this one, and used it inthe movie!
  19. :stupid:
  20. What about an 01 bullitt with a blower vs say a 01 viper that could be cool. Or he starts out with an 01 bullitt it gets wrecked or something in the chase scene (use a fake bullitt) then he stops by a ford dealership buy a new 05 and we see that in a chase scene.