New Bullit?

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  1. haha, no offense but that sounds corny. sorry to make fun.
  2. Yeah but most of hollywood is corny :p
  3. No thanks on the Bullitt remake. I honestly didn't think the chase was that good. The cars sounded great though. :nice: The remake of Gone In 60 Seconds wsa damn good; it's my favorite car movie. Great chase scenes in the movie too.
  4. OMG!!! I actually agree with STVdriver on something!

    So the guy that they thought they were protecting hired a double to play him, who then stupidly opened the door and got himself kill so Bullit then goes out and kills the real guy they were suppose to be protecting. You know, if there is a remake of this I hope they get it right this time. The chase scene in it was ok but how many hub caps did that damn Charger have? I think it lost 7 of them during the chase. And Steve McQueen needed smiling lessons.
  5. I just hope they don't use brad pitt, the guy from the bmw films looks more the part for me. Hell, even matt damon looks more the part than brad pitt... :p
  6. I think a remake of this movie would be cool. You gotta think... back in the day, when the original was made, they didn't have the special effects and stuff like us so back then.... that was the $hit. With todays advanced technology, that movie would be awesome... they need to add a naked chic scene though. :nice: Besides... we are Mustang people right? We should support anything Stang related... who ever made a movie about a crapmaro?
  7. It was good back in the day because it was a bare bones chase scene....the effects were cheesy, but the cahse scene was crush. If they remade it now, Hollywood would make it look like a chase scene from Speed meets the Matrix Reloaded. It would be good, but it would be way overproduced. Just leave a classic cult film alone. Besides it was a crappy movie save for the chase scene.
  8. well if they use a bullit on the 05 mustang, they better have something better than a 281. the 5.4 331 atleast. especially if yall want it to go up with a viper. but i think it should be a rice burner. the bad guy should drive a rice burner so finally the domestics willg et a lil more respect again. i mean in 2 fast 2 furious they did but it was very little then a stupid mitsubishi beat them. wtf a yanko and a charger got beat buy a mitsubishi. not very likely. especially with a race like that wher eu need torque on the turns. sorry to rant, i still hate that part, except when teh dude revs and makes teh shrinking sign with his hands. :D

  9. I have to ask this again...why on earth do you want such a short chase scene?
  10. The chase scene in the original is way overrated. If it's been a while since you've seen it, watch it again. You'll notice it's the same footage just shot at different angles. :notnice:

  11. Thats funny because I watched this movie just recently and I actually did fall asleep.
  12. Not surprising at all. I watched the DVD so you can just skip right through the tripe to the car chase.

  13. I'm really not sure whats worse. The movies from the 60's and 70's or the movies today????
  14. I think a new bullitt based on the 2005 model and a new movie would be cool. Who cares if its good or not, a mustang is in it! This might dissapoint the 2001 bullitt buyers since their bullitt would not have its own movie :(

  15. :stupid:

    Here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it, or if you just wanna see it again. :nice:

  16. Absolutely Superman was created in 1933, there have been many takes on the character, some good, some with Richard Prior in them (though it wasn't Priors fault the flick sucked). I absolutely look forward to the new superman movie and currently dig the TV show SMALLVILLE.

    All of that aside, Pitt is an "A" movie actor and if he redid bullit it would be done right. He's seldom been in a bad flick. Gotta get him a mustang! I'm sure Ford Product placement has someone on it right now.
  17. You have to put it into perspective.
    Back then car chases just weren't done like that.
    The shots they had from the driver's perspective and from mounting the camera low outside the car had never been done before.
    Not to mention the damn chase was 12 minutes long!
    Every cfar chase scene since then has Bullitt to thank. Especially the cheesy F&F movies, which are just posers building on what was done long before their time.

  18. I hope the use an actual Bullit mustang in th movie... actaully scratch that. I hope they use mustangs that are made to look like bullits because of the low production # of the Bullits, because you know whatever cars they use are gonna get jacked up.
    I'll be seeing this movie just for the mustang... just like I saw that one movie with the silver saleen in it... just for the car lol... plus my g/f dragged me to it :nonono:
  19. Maybe it's just me. But wouldn't using a mustang with the name on it be a bit cheesy.