New Bullit?

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  1. Never thought of that, but I would have to agree.
    Just use a highland green '04 Cobra.
    Or '06 if they wait that long.

  2. I would like to see a bullit mustang in the movie, but maybe thats just me :shrug:
  3. The Bullitt chase seen was good because it was REAL, there were no stupid effects or stunt drivers, you saw an actual car chase without hollywoods intervention.

  4. I like Brad Pitt. Remember Fright Club? He can be a tough guy.
  5. I would love a Bullit remake.
    1)a nice car chase going back to basics will have to be done. no-over doing effects and crash here and there every 1.5 seconds. no cars doing corkscrews and other Blue Angel acrobatics in the air.
    the gone in 60 seconds remake was bruckheimered to death. a crappy movie with a good cast, with a good chase scene, ruined by a circus act CG jump.
    plus the original gone in 60 seconds was just a outburst of sensory overload with a chase that was too laughable

    2)Bullit at the time was very groundbreaking on things besides the chase. they wanted a realistic tone and pace. this meant slower. especially compared to todays films where they are catered to people with an attention span of a housefly.
    they wanted to create a film with alot of detail and realism. they succeeded.
    i hope they do a remake with a tone like the bourne identity. not over the top, just enough to keep people waiting for the next plot change.
  6. If I want something that has a realistic tone I'll watch 24. At least it is supposed to be only 24 hours. Bullit was a 2 hour movie ( I think but don't know for sure since I was asleep). covering a lot longer period of time.

  7. Damnit that reminds me. I missed last weeks episode of 24. I am going to be lost this week.
  8. If they used a Bullitt don't you think it would be strange for the lead character (Lt. Frank Bullitt) to have a car named after himself?
    " Hi my name is Lt. Frank Bullitt.......yes that is my Mustang Gt know I don't know why it is named after me........"
  9. Exactly my point.
  10. New Bullitt?

    OK, I have a response to the idea of a new Bullitt movie with Brad Pitt as Bullitt and to a possible 2005 Bullitt Mustang. No one should ever remake that movie or the Mustang. No one but Steve McQueen can play the role of Frank Bullitt. McQueen would probably turn over in his grave if he heard about Pitt playing his role. The '01 Bullitt was a great rendition of the original '68, but there doenst need to be another one built. Let the movie and the '01 Bullitt edition GT be a one of a kind classic and dont mess up either one of them by trying to do a remake. Not trying to step on anyone's toes here, but i had to say something. Take care guys.
  11. Good point.
    Not sure if I agree or not. My minds not made up yet.
    But with that argument, I'm definitely leaning towards those same sentiments.

  12. If the '01 Bullitt or any Mustang for that matter were to be used, I'm sure ALL badges would be removed. I don't think the original had any kind of identification on it.
  13. But in today's day and age....product placement rules all movies.
  14. Good Point
  15. Im a part of the younger generation on this board, so I realize that when it came out, it was probably something much more spectacular to some of you guys but...the chase scene in Bullit sucked. I saw the movie for the first time a few years back. I had just scene the original gone in 60 seconds and was completely in awe of the chase from that movie. If you look past the terrible acting and plot developement...that movie is a stunt showcase that has never been equaled.

    So, still on my car chase high, I rented the bullit dvd with high hopes. After all, the movie is practically sacred to some, like a holy work I dare not criticize. I watched the first five minutes...started nodding off, and skipped to the chase seen. I was so underwelmed by the chase, that I actually thought there must be more than one in the movie, and I had watched a "pre-chase" action builder. To people who say its so great, i say, what the hell? its just a couple cars going fast. I can make 10 minutes of film with two cars going fast. I can even make one of them blow up (on private property, of course). Another thing. Everyone talks about steve mcqueen as some kind of american bad!#$. He kinda reminds me of mr. Rogers.

    Thats just my opinion, and I know its not a popular one, but does anyone else want to stand up with me and admit that chase sucked? :shrug:
  16. i also think that gone is 60 seconds chase scene was better than bullit's, but buillit had a beter car. The acting was horrible in gone in 60 but the chase scene was horrible in buillit, he passed a green bug 5 times in that movie

  17. Why do you guys gotta get on here and say that the Bullitt chase sucked? That was one of the best chase scenes ever filmed, regardless of how many times they passed the green VW bug or how many hubcaps the Charger lost. The chase, unlike chases is modern movies was not filmed and then played back faster to give the illusion of speed (think the new gone in sixty seconds). The Mustang and Charger were actually up to speeds of 110-115 mph at times. Also, it took some amazing drivers to drive those cars like that and at those speeds. If you dont like it, fine, but don't get on here and trash talk a movie that is probably a favorite for most of us on here.
  18. The only good thing about the chase scene in one in 60 was the sound (and looks) of Eleanor. The only good thing about the Bullitt chase scene was the music cuts out for the entire scene right when he hits the gas. And there weren't many (if any) stunt drivers. I know Nic Cage "did most of his driving" for Gone in 60, but I question that.
    Bullitt sucks. The movie is doo-doo. The only movie that has a famous scene that everyone has seen at least once (and they haven't seen the rest of the movie) was Deliverance. Apart form Ned Beatty getting it in the corn chute, Deliverance was a good movie. But Bullitt stunk. (EDIT - save for the chase scene)