New CAI for the V6

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  1. I'm currently prototyping a new CAI for the 05 V6 from Tunable Induction ( I just got it on today and it seems great. I already have a tune with an Xcal and I got no engine light with it even running full tilt boogie. Great seat of pants feel. 20 min max install super easy. I even returned the car to the stock tune and the engine light didn't even come on then, at idle atleast,(though it seemed to run alittle smoother with a tune) It's a whole new system unlike what I've seen from Steeda and some others that just replace the filter box. It has I believe a 77mm tube with a Green high performance dual cone filter (same one I believe he uses for his GT system) and I believe he'll be able to customize the filter color for your car. He uses a polycarbonate heat sheild and the tube is carbon fiber. I believe (but don't quote me yet) but prices will be $200 or under. I should have all the specs and prices tommorrow and I'll try to get on a post them but from what I've seen so far it's a great unit. I think you can see the GT unit on his website and the V6 is almost identical. I'll have some pics when I get the final unit (he's going to make a few cosmetic changes) If you want some pics of the prototype email me or just check out his website ( and look at the GT system.
  2. If you can do this with the V6 CAI, :nice:


    then you've $old me !
  3. i would like to see a WMS style for the v6. That thing has been getting some really good numbers.
  4. The heat sheild isn't quite as nice but the rest is pretty much identical except the tube is longer the filter is further over into the corner
  5. you should get a little better gas mileage too.
    mine sounds great and i get better mileage now too as long as I shift "normal"

  6. Here's a shot of the prototype on my car. I need to adjust it alittle I think and there will be a couple of cosmetic tweaks to it but it will be this
    Here's the specs on it for those curious
    Carbon fiber composite TB pipe 77mm/ 87mm TB coupler (long term tested on my 5.0 systems) / CNCd sensor in tube design / 4" i.d. 9" custom molded Green dual-cone filter (available in colors) / high gloss black polycarbonate heat shield w/edge molding
    Sorry the pic isn't the best
    It will be $190 delivered

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  7. Heat Shield

    My MMR Intake did not come with a heat shield. What are the pros/cons of this? Should I try to acquire one and adapt it the kit I have?
  8. with all these intakes and things that need a retune to take full advantage of, can someone untune it, meaning if i go in for warranty work can i put my stock back on and "untune" my car back to stock?
  9. yes, with either the SCT or predator
  10. do most shops (performance shops) have a way of doing it? i really dont want to buy the tuner if i dont need to. i know it will add up after a few tunes/retunes. but im not looking to have much warranty work done hopefully.
  11. Nope.. you're gonna need the tuner.
  12. I should have the modified tube and heat sheild this week I'll try to get some good pics when I get it on. Hopefully I'll have my new tune this week also.
  13. I'm sending the final tweaked TB pipe/shield to you today. The polycarbonate carbon fiber seam molding, now visible, will be on the bottom of the pipe, not visible, and a couple other fitment tweaks to the system/shield completed.

    A system also ships to blowby racing today and they will have a tune ready quickly along with the forthcoming SCT tune on the Xcal2.

    This total system weighs 5 lbs.!!!

    The weight of the metal systems, not to mention the HEAT SOAK, is right on the front of the motor.

    I've spent the last 5 years working with plastics and have spent a lot of time coming up with the absolute best quality CAI available.

    The heat shields DO make a difference as it squares/blocks off the corner of the engine compartment where cooler air is available, especially with the car in motion and the custom dual-cone filter will breathe air from the front corner. But I didn't want to simply go with an ABS or PVC shield. The Polycarbonate plastics are more expensive but withstand much, much higher temperatures than the other plastics and look GREAT....a super high gloss black with edge molding.

    A painted or metal TB pipe looks good but can't compare to the carbon fiber composite one in the system. The TB pipe is over a 1/4" thick and the strength and insulating, not to mention the cosmetic enhancement of the real carbon fiber can't be beat.

    We've all seen how the performance GREATLY DROPS OFF with engine heat being soaked by the intake when the motor gets hot but you'll be able to retain the performance edge with the high tech plastics/carbon fiber maintaining an INCREDIBLE heat barrier.

    The filter is the custom molded dual-cone I had molded for the 05' GT system and rather than go with a smaller one I decided that customers would be willing to pay a little more for this filter which will retail over $ 100. from Green. I'll also have this filter available in colors. Right now I have stocked them in the Ford Blue and Lazer Red.

    I'm including a Lifetime Warranty with the system/filter with the absolute
    best quality materials available.

    My CNC guy begins production this week on the TB pipes and the tuning package will be available, hopefully, next week.

    The price may be slightly different with the final production system ready but rest assured you'll be getting the coolest running, highest quality, and a lifetime warrantied system.

    I'll post the dyno results when I receive them later this week.

    Call the toll free # 866-509-7453 to order and 910-944-3663 for tech questions.

    My THANKS to Troy for donating his time and expertise to test/finalize the prototype/production systems.

    I posted pics of the final production system to the site.
  14. $190 shipped changed to $215 shipped, still a really good price. The MMR is $350 with the tube, i think im going to be ordering this once the 30th rolls around ;). (so much for not modding)
  15. troy clean your eng. LOL
  16. <------Wishes AFE had an inlet tube to go along with their good gains.
  17. They do for the GT... I think they're working on the V6 version. I wonder if it will add hp...
  18. they are working on it i talked to them tuesday. when they have it ready ill take my car back and ill keep you all posted like i did with the CAI
  19. Ill probably end up with the K&N or tunable induction intake, just because of the massive cost difference.