New Canadian Member. First Time Here, Long Time Fox Owner.

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  1. I've owned a few foxes in the past and an '04 Cobra... Haven't had a fox since '07 when I sold my 89 GT to a guy in Ohio. Haven't heard from him since, I hope the car is still around somewhere.

    Anyway, my wife has owned a few stangs as well and we both had the itch to get another. The decision was unanimous, we wanted a 1990+ notchback.

    After about a year and a half, and many KM traveled to look at vehicles which either turned out to be rotten, or just junk.... many disappointments, we came home last night with our 1992. I drove it 3 hours home from Toronto, with a bypassed heater core in 20 degree F weather. It took me a couple hours to thaw out when I finally got home.

    Car ran like a champ all the way home. Has been sitting garaged for 4 years or more with only occasional trips around the block or to the gas station. Since I was freezing, I was not feeling ambitious enough to take pictures. I dropped it off to get cleaned up and rustproofed since I had given it a good covering of salt on my 3 hour trek home (I shuddered every time I could hear it tinging in the wheel wells of my newly acquired rust-free notch).

    I just have a couple quick and dirty phone pics.. but you get the idea. The car is lowered with Eibach springs... prettttttty sure I'm going to unlower it.



    And here's a couple pics of my old '89.. Perhaps someone somewhere on here has seen it around



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  2. Hey, a little late but welcome to the site. Looks like the one you picked up has winter tires on it. From the pics the body looks straight. Do they use salt all over Canada in the winter? I grew up in Michigan in the sixties around Detroit and salt was everywhere. New cars would start rotting out in as little as 2 years. Glad I don't live in that environment anymore. Good luck.
  3. Mmmmm.... nice, clean notch. :nice:

    I really like the clears you put on too. I saw the first pic and though, "Hmmm... time for clears" and whola! lol

    Welcome aboard. :)
  4. Oh wait... they're two different cars. :rlaugh:

    I'll be alright. Someday. :D

    Put some clears on the notch! :fuss:
  5. You've been riding in the Vomit Comet too much.

  6. LOL :crazy:
  7. nice coupe. I wouldnt raise it back up. It looks good.
  8. Hey guys.. Sorry I completely forgot I even signed up here!
    They do use salt here... plenty of it.. I had no choice but to drive the car home when I bought it, so it stays indoors in the winter.

    I bought some clears for the car.. among other things.. I did take the lowering springs out and sold the cobras. Car looked great lowered.. I just drive far too carelessly and ended up scraping the longtubes on EVERYTHING.

    I drove the car for the summer like that. Now since winter hit the car is n the process of having a 306 dropped in.. edelbrock heads, e303 cam, gt40 tubular intake, 1.6rr. (old motor was ok, just got an awesome deal on this)

    Here's some update/progress pics!

    Cobras and lowering springs gone:



    engine swap:




    She goes in for paint as soon as the motor is running! It's an exciting winter, lol.

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  9. Oh very nice. It keeps getting better. How could you forget Stangnet? Get on our 5.0 Tech and Talk forums regularly and share your build with us. Read posts and contribute where you can. Welcome aboard.
  10. welcome aboard!