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  1. Hey there,

    New Canadian here. I grew up a Chevy guy, but as I got older I changed my ways and dropped GM and came to love stangs. The fox body 5.0's that would cruise around when I was growing up had such a sweet exhaust tune I couldn't resist to want a mustang of my own.

    After years of wanting a ride of my own, I picked up an 05 GT last spring. It was in good condition, a bit higher mileage than what I was looking for but got it at a great price so couldn't resist. A cold air intake (not sure which brand yet) and a Ford Racing exhaust already were on the car, and within the week of bringing her home I ordered a set of staggered 20" Foose Nitrous wheels from American muscle. Between life and moving I barely put 2000km's on it last year so I'm itching to get it out on the road hopefully soon. We had record snow falls this winter so spring has been slow coming and the roads are full of gravel and pot holes still so I'm just crossing fingers for some warm weather to fix the roads soon.

    Anyways, I'm a Toyota guy for my trucks, but I'm pretty new to the ins and outs of Mustangs so I'll probably be more of a lurker and questioner than a contributor, but I will be glad to help if/when I can. And I'll be plenty of browsing for ideas and questions, and will try to make the "search" button my friend. image.jpg
  2. Welcome fellow Canuk. Great site, you'll love it here. Tonnes of info, plenty of good guys. Just remember to speak slowly and deliberately for our American friends. They sometimes have trouble keeping up with the conversation. Do that and all will be fine. :canada:
  3. Hey, i resemble that remark :chair::D Welcome to Stangnet
  4. At least we know how spell ton's and color....
    Almost forgot, welcome back my friend to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside come inside.
  5. Wutup Canuck
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  6. Hey, how is it our fault you guys bastardized the language your forefathers, forefathers invented? :shrug:
  7. Thanks for the welcome! And thanks for the advice Gearbanger. For the record, I like the American spelling of most words, lol.

    Now off I go search for tips on next winters' project of lowering my car.