New CAR!!! NEW Member!!! Asian!!! PLEASE YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

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  1. some progress but other things going wrong....

    here goes:
    IN: Gt-40 head
    cobra intake with 65mm throttlebody
    cobra(crane)1.7 roller rockers
    cobra cam
    SMR strut tower bar
    MSD 6AL controller
    Stall converter
    MSD wires
    AUTOMETER Z air/fuel guage
    AUTOMETER Z oil pressure guage
    NOS system w/purge kit
    BBK cold air induction kit
    73mm C&L MAF 24lbs<-----WTF!
    PRO M 80mm MAF
    PRO M heat shield
    FORD racing 24lbs injectors
    BASSANI headers
    BASSANI w/3inch exhaust outlet slash cut pipe
    FORD RACING pullys
    TRZ rear upper controler arm
    MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS caster camber plate
    Full saleen kit from cervinis W/spoiler
    Heat exit winshield cowl duct
    cervini's heat exit hood
    REAR hatch deflector
    Laser engraved cobra door handles
    koni shocks 2 way adjust
    Intrax lowering springs custom painted cherry burgandy
    WILWOOD propotioning valve
    cobra master cylinder
    cobra brake booster
    1995 COBRA/STEEDA 13"disc with twin piston PBR.
    BAER 13" Rear disc with COBRA CALIPERS
    Ford racing 4:10 ring and pinion
    Volk racing GT-AV Gunmetal wheels 17x8 front 17x9 back
    Full leather interior(black)
    New headliner(black)
    New door panels(black)
    New rear panels(black)
    New cobra laser engraved door handles
    New rear hatch panels (CUT OUTS FOR ROLL CAGE READY)<-----i am so funny :)
    Rear seat delete

    70mm edleblock throttlebody
    Edleblock performer intake bottom and top
    K&N cold air intake
    stock heads(may be stock but i doubt it)
    company unknown cam(may be stock but i doubt it)
    company unknown roller rockers(may be stock but i doubt it)
    WELD drag lites all 4 with 2 skinnies front and 2 beefs in the back
    Lakewood drag shocks 90/10 all 4
    eibach drag springs (i think this spring makes the car higher J/K)
    All the factory stereo systems
    All the gray interior(well almost)
    stock mirrors
    stock wing
    stock door handles
    stock door panels
    stock rear hatch panels
    stock headliners
    stock dash panels

    THE OIL LEAK(rear main seal)
    I BROKE THE HEATER(does not work or blow at all)

    New seats(COBRA)
    dress up parts :)

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  2. wow...hey welcome to the boards!!...sounds like you have quite a project up some pics. Id like to see this
  3. The ASAIN mustang 5.0

    i will post some pics this weekend. i am actually picking up the wheels today with tires and gonna take pics of those. i can't actually put these on until i do the 5 lug conversion. the car is wearing an draglites right now. you will see the car this weekend and will be totally different next weekend. lol. every week will be different i promise. so keep your fingers crossed:nice:
  4. Welcome to the boards.

    I was going to post up the "beginners mod" list but it looks like you have covered it in it's entirety already.

    On the 5-lug swap. Go with the SN95 spindles up front. If you use a modified fox setup, you might not beable to fit the centercaps on some rims.
  5. Welcome to :SNSign:

  6. sUCK uP...:D
  7. thank you all for the warm welcome and thank you srothfuss for your info. i just went out and bought rear 5 lug axles 20 mins ago and i am picking up my wheels tonight. i am very excited but at the same time about to go $2000 less in my bank account. lol. so sn95 i will need spindles,rotors,calipers,ball joints, if anyone selling this kit please let me know. thanks and what about the rear? i am thinking about buying rear disc this week and i am confused about which one to buy... is the sn95 rear disc good enough? or should i go baer set up? i heard it's expensive....and what else do i need to buy to set up the rear? do i need new master cyclinder? or/and new ebrake cable etc etc....please let me know. i am doing this project with opinion of you guys. so i will post pictures this weekend and you will all see how it goes. i guess this one is everyones project. thanks again
  8. it's an official my car is going into shop on 6/20th to get everthing done and done right. but before that i REALLY NEED to know what year of mustang front brake set up i need to use...94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03??? which year is the best set up for my car(fox body 91) i saw 03 brake set up for sale but has ABS cable. i don't have ABS////so what do i do now i just need to know what year of cobra brake set up i need. HELP!!!!!!ASAP. i work fast don't i?
  9. What do your buddies think?
  10. they are ok with it. they think it's going to be a very exciting project. they can't wait until i drop my car off at the shop so they can work on it and come out all different then now. i am going to take many picture as possible before and after. actually they want to race me after i am done with the motor parts. we have a bet going on already and i bought the car little under 2 months ago. they are helping me do the interior these i am very thankful. and i think all the asian people wants mustang or american muscle car deep in their heart somewhere...they know it. i know it. and i bought it.
  11. i didn't see it on your list, but i'd recommend some subframe connectors. Helps to reduce chassis flexing that these cars are notorious for.

    Looking forward to the pics :nice:
  12. subframe connectors came with the car. it's already welded on. thanks for the info man. the brand is lakewood. it's orange color and it's ugly i am going to paint it red or black when i get a chance. you guys ROCK!!
  13. what 5 lug axels did you buy?
  14. I bought Ford 28 spline. part # M1126-A
  15. i bought it for $102.50 for both. is that a good deal?
  16. It is a great deal... Let me see if I can find some good threads on brake swaps. there are more knowledgable people on these boards than I.

    Edit / read this to get sort of up to speed on the SN95 swaparoo:
  17. Try to resist the import urge to install euro tail lights. :D If you show up with them, wear your flame suit. lol

    Welcome to SN.
  18. thanks srothfuss!!! i will get the 96-97 cobra brakes. this info was very helpful!!! you rock!!
  19. also take it easy on the emblems/stickers. im doing my 5-lug swap now i got sn95 spindles,rotors,calipers and lines for 80 bucks...and i think i am gonna go with ranger length axles because i think the suck in more and i want to run a 315 tire on the rear....and I have solid proof it is possible with ranger axles and drums with no quads and TAILS PIPES....!!!!Looks killer.
  20. hollywood stang. Welcome to stangnet. Check out our clubs website.

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