New CAR!!! NEW Member!!! Asian!!! PLEASE YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

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  1. thats a great deal on the axels. i paid almost that much for used ranger axels. dont the sn95 brakes require longer axels? or did you buy the longer ones?
  2. no i bought the equal length axles. and to: look its arron(stangworks) i will be visiting your shop when i am ready to get the car painted. if you will give me a good deal i will get it painted from you. thanks
  3. First thing you need to do before you buy all these parts and WASTE ur money (Gt40's) is to do some reasearch! all these guys on here and corral can yu help you immensely. There a lot better option out, and if cleary tells ur goals (not just a mag cover) we can help you more. Is this the stock 302 shortblock?

    Hey ill give you 20 bucks for that 70mm throttlebody. :)

    Welcome to stangnet! If you put any Euro taillight crap on there ill drive over there and slap you, same goes with stickers on the car! if you need stuff polished talk to my man masonozz....he can help you out. ;)
  4. welcome to stangnet.....first stated above gice us more info on what you plan on doing with the car other then the mag...thats the looks department and thats really a matter of opinion.......but as far asperformance goes..what is your goal with this car....quarter mile times?..road racer? top speed?.....theres tons and tons of different combos and so to not waster your money you have to tell us what you are looking to will find these cars are really easy to work on and performance parts arent that expensive compared to some imports such as rx7's and 300z' and supras and the such....also they respond to mods very very well.....let us know what you plan on ending up with so you can do it once..pick the right parts...and be done with it.....all your resources are here...engine builders....painters, chassis specialists, power adder specialists, even if you looking for advise on the best way to customize a system its here....and evey1 is willing to help.....ALSO: DO NOT DO ANYTHING IMPORTY TO YOUR STANG...AS STATED NO EURO LIGHTS...NO STICKERS UNLESS YOUR GETTING SPONSERED.....NO BRIGHT LIME GREEN PAINT...NO APC FLOOR MATS...NO LIGHT UP BRAKE PEDELS AND SHIFTER....NO UNDERGLOWS (UNLESS THEY ARE WHITE..IMO), NO AIR SUSPENSION, NO LAMBORGINI DOORS, NO IMPORTISH BODY KITS...NOT GONNA NAME THEM CAUSE I DONT KNOW..BUT IM SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE......NO 4 FOOT ALUMINUM WING......SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS JUST MAKING SURE YOU RED AT LEAST THIS PART IF NOTHING ELSE.....OH YEA SORRY FOR THE LONG POST.....AND THIS LIST ISNT SARCASIM...JUST PRE WARNING OF THE :flame: YOU WILL RECIEVE IF YOU DO ANY OF THOSE LISTED AS WELL AS ANYTHING ELSE THAT WILL BE ADDED TO THAT LIST BY OTHER MEMBERS.....WELCOME TO STANGNET MY NAME IS FRANK AND GLAD YOU CAME TO THE BETTER SIDE OF THE CAR WORLD........................

  5. I think you need to learn more before you go and spend all this money. Imports and domestics are two totally different animals...its not all about how much money can you put into the motor....once you get into heavy motor mods, your going to start shreading the rest of the car via low end torque.

    Edit - Also, judging by your parts list, youre well on your way to a "lego build" which is when you just buy parts and bolt them all together expecting them to work as a system. Your "suspension setup" is not going to get any traction on the street, might be good for autocross, but thats about it and if your going for auto cross, nitrous is going to be useless.

    If you have questions, you can msg me on AIM (Aliate X)

    Edit again - How much for the welds....what size tires, what types, and what width are the wheels if you know.
  6. how much for the edlebrock performer intake? Pics?

    Welcome to stangnet, but honestly I would have done alot more research before you went out and started buying parts, i agree with what aliate x said, its not all going to work together, and all that stuff definatly is not the best parts you could have gotten. Goodluck either way, oh and to get into a magazine its really who you know, not the kind of car you have, and no offense, but the car your building isnt going to stand out enough for a magazine person to notice it. Goodluck though, itll be faster then my car, itll be quick, just figure out exactly what you want out of the car and research more before you just start buying parts.

    i really enjoy this site. you guys are so helpful. but just to let you know...i have already bought all the parts for this car and it is going into the shop on 6/20 th to get overhauled. brakes to 5 lug cobra conversions to shocks and springs,wheels etc...etc...

    I am going to get my engine repacked when i do all this and gt-40 heads with cams and roller rockers are going in at same time. cobra intake is already in but i have to take it back out everything during this process.
    my car will be sitting in the shop for about 4 weeks they say. between that time i am even thinking about shopping for more useful parts.
    i bought ford motorsports cobra valve cover with lines today so engine bay will look like 71 super cobra jet valve cover. i am thinking about this car 24/7 at work or in sleep.
    far as the interior goes i got all the black interior set up already.
    i have door panels and arm rest and center console already put in.
    i bought new headliner and put that in about 4 days ago. almost everything on this car will be new...i am even thinking about getting new make it wider in the front at the body shop. i am just trying to make this car little different from what everyone sees in mustang.
    i am going to try my best to make this car look different then other mustangs...i have a big plan for this car.!

    i just took some pics of my new wheels.
    and for the
    WELD DRAG WHEELS(15inchs all 4 with good year tires almost brand new).
    K&N filter
    Lakewood shocks
    eibach springs (DRAG)
    another set of svo tail lights
    my polished valve cover (not a skinny thin one mine is nice and thick one!!)
    gray door panel
    gray center console
    gray center console armrest
    i know i am missing alot of stuff....but they are all for sale or give aways...if you want it you can reply or email me @ [email protected]:flag:

    i will give you my best price or you offer me what you wanna spend. i am not a apartment is full of parts right now!!! and it's 3 bedroom apartment.LMAO. OR IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA EMAIL ME AND YOU CAN COME AND PICK IT UP. if not i will help you with the shipping... post office is minute away from me so it makes it easier.:nice:


    p.s: i was thinking about putting in a 1 piece smoked headlights(WAIT... DON"T HIT ME!!):owned:
  8. i can't upload the pics!!! it says its too big of a file>??? how did you guys do it?
  9. lmao, man you crack me up, hahahahaha. Sounds like your really on the right track. Those headlights you mentioned are fine, id get them.
  10. ah ha. thanks man. i am really not going to do any stickers or the lambo doors??!! i work across th lambo dealership here in LA so they will laugh at me too if i did that..
    and for the sale parts
    the throttle body is made by edleblock BBK it says both. are they the same company?(don't laugh at me) just like toyota and lexus(ok..ok/./.don't hit me)
    anyways yeah i am going to sell it cheap. due to it came with the car...what am i gonna do with it??(i don't keep spare parts) they are all perfect!!! they were taken out by and at ford dealership here in north hollywood(sunrise ford). 70mm and they(the intake and throttle body) is jet black painted. the throttle body doesn't need anything but intake may need a little touch up(may be not) little chips i see....
    and buy my wheels the WELD draglites. i want these gone!!! good year gtII tires in the back (255/60/15 and 165/15 front) the tires are brand new. buy it cheap here and do big burn out so you can impress your girlfriend or her girlfriends who you wanted to poke for a while.(HEHE)
  12. I'm asian as well, and have a Mustang. So no big deal. Send me some pics and I'll host them for you.
  13. I am interested in all the parts you have for sale (I'm local my gf lives in n hollywood and I live by the OTHER Sunrise Ford in Fontana lol)

    check your e-mail or shoot me a call

    909 961-1002 is my business cell
  14. Nothin like jumping in head first with wallet in hand!! I hope you check the receipt when finished, you've referenced "cams" a couple times. Since there is only one in a 302 I would check that receipt REALLY any shop that much freedom to work might well leave you vulnerable.
  15. no these guys are not gonna screw me over. they are honest people. they gave a me a good deal on parts and serviced my car before. and sorry about the "cams" i am used to other cars. but the other thing is i spend my money wisely so you don't have to worry about my bank account.
  16. cool stangworks. give me a good deal on body and paint. you know i goot paint the car and the kit soon and the spoiler. in july. and for the wheels and part you can may be make some time to come down and check them out yourself. they are clean parts. thanks
  17. If you can send me pics that would be great dude.

    [email protected]

    Hit me up when you are ready to get your car painted!
  18. Try using another site to host your pics, like photobucket.
  19. haha id like to see a asian rock a mustang...specially to a import show....what a show stopper.......
  20. WELCOME TO STANGNET.... very interesting can't wait to see the pictures...