New CAR!!! NEW Member!!! Asian!!! PLEASE YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

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  1. I started to put my old parts on ebay so if you need somethings just let me know. i will be listing the throttle body and the intake this weekend. thanks again for all your help.
  2. ANOTHER you guys know what kind of maximum offset i can go on my mustang? please let me know... thanks
  3. The wheels....offset of the wheel
  4. HEY GUYS i have heard that i have to do the INJECTORS and MASS air meter from stock 19lbs to 24lbs and instead of 70mm i have to go 73mm??? is this true??? if it is let me know and is it gonna work with AUTOMATIC transmission computer? and where do i take the mass air sensor to calibrated? i need to know this today!!!! thanks :))
  5. MAF is calibrated to a certain poundage (is that a word) regardless of mm of the MAF so you could have lots of different setups:

    19# w/ 73mm or 75mm

    24# w/ 65mm or 70mm or 90mm etc.
  6. wait so your spending all this money on the body and your not upgrading ur AOD?:shrug: Screw all the "widening" man, get a valve body, transgo shiftkit, and a 3000k stall. See if you can have them take back the GT40's and toss on some AFR 165's or TFS twisted Wedges. IMO you need to start reshearching more before you kill this thing. :nono:

    Swithicng to the black inerior is cool with me though. :nice: Go into the talk section and look in the mustang galery stick up top. before you go wild. From what i have seen from pics Aaron and his friends do unreal work, so i would definitely take it to them.
  7. oh and what cam did you buy? i cant remember if you stated earlier?....
  8. Welcome to the club dude. Put it this way, no matter what you do to it now, you will always be buying parts! For some reason I can't seem to STOP!!! :nonono:
  9. i dont see anything wrong with that car.....

    yeah.... :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: i think i just threw up all over the keyboard. who would do such a cruel thing to that poor mustang. i think the owner should be tattooed and given plastic surgery so he looks like that
  10. (The ebay car) Does that hood function as a air brake?
  11. Welcome to the mustang domain!:SNSign:

    Im new here to these forums to,ill give the same advice that was given to me,pay attention to these guys.Youd be hard pressed to get better advice anywhere else.

    Everyone buys a stang for there own reasons.I bought mine for alot of the same reasons you did.I wanted a show car.Well,that didnt last long.I put a few weak power adders on my car and started the interior right away.The more I did,the more I realized that I really just wanna dust imports instead.:shrug: So,I ripped out my back seat,removed the 3 12's I placed in the trunk and started strippping away any extra weight I could without making it look obviuos.Heres the thing,mustangs(like most all cars)have there goods and bads.Youll learn these as you go through your build.Dont get discouraged,stick it out and behold the glory when your finished.I say this because I noticed what you were pulling off the car.I would suggest,untill your absolutley positive this is the direction you want to go in,to hold on to your drag radials and rims.Welds r nice and you might find a need for them again later.A few other parts I feel your gonna need down the road.Unless you have lots of money to throw away,save it all.

    I too came from the import world.I had a 91 impulse with the lotus handeling package,g-reddy 64mm turbo and loads more.I was making 643 hp in a awd car.Loads of fun,but couldnt hang with the v8's.I will only own mustangs from now on.:flag:
  12. thanks guys for all your support. and about the gt-40 heads i can't take it back!!! they say all sales are final. and i really do not want to spend another $900 for the new performance heads.
    i really do not know about the transmission...i know that the guy who had it before me added different gear(brass he said)i really do not know what he put in it...???
    i guess i will find out when i take it to the shop.
    and i will be visting the stangwerks many be on monday or so i was going to go there today but i got stuck working.....
    what is the best set up for my car then?
    24lbs with what size maf???
    what kind of transmission upgrade?
    what is the maximum wheel offset i can go??

    i am thinking about buying all stock cobra parts
    i went out and bought 24lbs injectors and stock maf for the cobra today...and stainless brake lines...
    if all my parts do not work i can return it so no big deal..

    i need to find out what i am gonna do before i take this car to the shop...and i am going to take it to stangwerks to get it painted if they give me a good deal and i want to do some fender work while the car is there.

    i got all the parts and i mean all the parts for this car at apartment is beginning to look like a swapmeet now. so let me know about the wheel offset and injectors and transmission. i belive i got all the parts already in 1 1/2 months. now all i gotta do is put the car together. MILD to WILD.
  13. oh yeah and i am not going to do what the...other guy did it to his mustang don't worry...i am way more classy then that. but i bet that guy has the LAMBO doors!!! LOL
  14. sorry arron i got stuck working today...i will be seeing you on 6/1 thats my next day off. crazy right...yeah i work alot and put all my money into this car!!! well....not all. :)
  15. Im sorry, but that part list you got going is NOT gonna be wild by any means.. in fact, it will most likely be slower than what you had to begin with... I dont understand why you are dropping all this money on very mediocre parts....

    what is the logic behing your madness...

    ps. Does anyone else here believe all this? I have a gut feeling this whole thing is a fat set-up. :shrug:
  16. I'd first like to start off with a congrats on your interior, it will be the hardest part of everything, atleast in my point of view :D

    Well this sorta seems like a dream build... So i'll tell you what i'd go with, after viewing all the topics in tech/talk for the last 7 months.


    Pro-m or C&L 75-80mm MAF
    BBK fenderwell CAI
    Edlebrock 65mm TB and 65MM EGR Spacer
    Cobra intake replica ported by Tmoss
    255LPH Walbro fuel pump
    AFPR (any brand)
    24LB/H Ford injectors
    Ford valve covers
    AFR 185 heads
    1.72 roller rockers
    hardened pushrods
    Stock cam
    Canton oil pan
    FRPP ceramic coated shorty unequal length headers 1 5/8" primarys, 2.5"
    BBK o/r H pipe 2.5" (Or catted pipe)
    dynomax race bullet or spintech mufflers 2.5"
    any set of 2.5" tailpipes

    MSD dizzy and coil
    Hardened oil pump drive
    Power Master one wire alt.
    Battery relocate kit
    Alum radiator off Ebay, direct Mustang fit (Less than $250)
    Under drive pulleys with a alt. overdrive.

    Remove the A/C, power steering, and smog pump (Wait, your in Cali aren't you?, never mind) and go with a idle pulley for the a/c and a manual rack and pinion from AutoZone.

    get a $700 shortblock off ebay with a oil pump and a gasket set. Then get a double roller timing chain, water pump, and any other misc. rebuild items you would need.

    Then get a 50oz. balanceer (stock style is fine) with a light weight 50oz. flexplate, custom torque converter, manual valvebody, shift kit, shifter, alum driveshaft (can be had out of mini vans for large savings, do a search) and 4.10 gears, 31 spline spool, 31 spline 5 lug star cut axles, rear end rebuild, and any other misc. items.

    I think everyone else has taken car of good choices for suspension and brakes, but please don't extend your fenders :D

    One last note, hiding the wires, and welding all the holes up, smoothing out the engine bay, and polishing all the misc. parts (like alt, belt tensionor, intake, misc.) would look GREAT, and would make it that much easier to get into a mag!
  17. Why do you think it's not wild??? poneypower89???
    basically i am trying make this a street car not a drag car that it's already is. and i am putting all my old parts on ebay. and here we go dude "..i.." i am giveing you a bird by not beliving in me. i need people to help me. i don't need someone who tells me i am wasting money. i can do whatever with my hard earned money and i love cobras and arron told me i have more potential by doing cobra intake due to i can have it ported later. i am taking pictures this weekend and going to post it on myspace. so you can check it out and get off to the pictures. AND THANK YOU TO HICKFIED i really thank you for giving me that list. but i am going to stick with what i got for now. you are basically telling me to change the whole thing i just started. and i am not a mechanic so my knowledge on these are very limited. i am just trying to make my car just like cobra "R" with better suspension with little more power and good looks. i am not planning on drag race this car or bet pinkslip to race somebody just to let you fellas all know. and thanks for everything. and i will be visiting stangwerks next thursday so here is another BIRD "..i.." to you poneypower89. thanks