New CAR!!! NEW Member!!! Asian!!! PLEASE YOU MUST READ THIS!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by hollywoodstang, May 23, 2006.

  1. HOLY CRAP!! What is wrong with people? I love the reverse cowl hood. Genius. And the fact that that ad has over 5,500 hits but 0 bids!!
  2. welcome welcome welcome.. to STANGNET..

  3. Its not fake, I talked to Leo, he called our shop. He just needs some direction in the right way. Call me on tuesday again Leo at the shop so we can talk some more about your motor.

  4. LOL this is what i was thinking u gotta be a loonie to do this... or just plain fake
  5. i really just wish Leo came and researched more before he started throwing around his hard earned money. From what i've read so far he could be doing worlds better than he's going to be with all the said purchased parts. You should be fine with Pro M Bullet MAF and 24's for that set up. you'll prob end up around 260rwhp. If you put in a custom cam and some AFR's and the proper intake you;d be mroe in the neighborhood of 305 rwhp set up correctly...but have fun with it either way. and start smoking ricers and report back to us. :D
  6. Geez man, don't flip out on me. Ive been on these boards for a while. And from what I HAD seen, you demonstated about 95% of the characteristics of a troll. But now Aaron has established your ligetimacy so chill. Even he says you need some help in the right direction... So stop getting so bent out of shape.

    The eddy intake out-performs the cobra out of the box and it can be ported too. Its not that the cobra intake is a bad intake, in fact I have one. But I would much rather have an eddy..

    If you are trying to make ur car so much like an R then why crazy rims and saleen ground effects.. Nothing in your list of mods really says "R" to me but the intake.. ya get what Im seeing here? :shrug:

    A 70mm TB fits on a cobra, so why change that? You see, I just dont really understand the whole method behind your madness. Especially dropping what... $800 on p heads? You can JY those for a lot less, or just eBay it for a little less.

    Im not trying to knock you here at all so there is no reason to act like ur 12 and say ***** off to someone who might disagree with what you are doing. Especially someone who has been around these cars for a while ya know?

    I can't remember EVERYTHING in this thread.. but did anyone tell you gt40 p heads require special headers??? just check'n
  7. Hey what's up... hi I'm the local idiot... where am I anyway? DMAN302!!! Don't leave me in here it's dark!


    So what are we talking about. I hope the H E C K :uzi: you aren't already out buying parts for this car yet- you must learn first.

    The John force is strong in this one.


    Can I come to California to visit?
  8. How are you selling stuff on ebay if you can't even upload pictures here? I think your car sounds cool but WHERE ARE THOSE PICTURES? I'm more than skeptical of this thread...


    ok. so i took some pictures of the new aprts that i got and my car. but i can't upload them due to it's size they say. but i see other people post HUGE pics on this do i do it???

    Please let me know so i can show you guys my car on process and the parts
  10. pics

    i went to to get the SIG??? and i can't even post that....what is the deal??
  11. open an account at and get an account and upload all your pics and then use the "image tags" (copy and paste) to post them in
  12. What is it with you guys that you need pictures to assure someones legitimacy!Even if the post is a little off,did he not state he is coming from the import world.How much would you expect him to know?I got the same vibes from my own new to forums post cause I dont have pictures and made 2 typos.I dont give a crap if someone doesnt understand what im doing with MY car.If someone has positive feedback,im all ears.But to call someone a lier because hes doing something you wouldnt or doesnt have pictures,is jus :bs: to me!Unless your running the exact same setup on your car,how do you know it wont work?Chances are pretty good there is someone out there that knows more about something than you do.Best to keep an open mind and if anything learn from others mistakes.I cant say I agree with what he is doing either,but im not him and its not my car.
  13. Welcome Aboard! Wow that is some project you got going there.
  14. thanks guys and i have gt-40 heads and not gt-40p heads i know the difference in that a little bit. one is from cobra and other one is from explorer rihgt>?

    I just bought some
    new stainless braded brakelines
    and rear hatch wing(deflector is it called?) 5 lug drums and shoes
    and polished strut tower brace form SMR.

    and i have question. what is the maximum wheel offset i can go on my car?

    and what about the injectors? and maf? who where do i take it to calibrated? can any mechanic can do it? or do i have to take it to ford dealer?
  15. yay! it's working!! thanks for those who taught me how to do this. i was getting little ****ed off earlier! :( but now i am happy yay! :)

    That big u haul box is the center black console, and the bottom box is the shocks and springs, Brakes,drums and shoes. other boxes are body kits and other junks.:nice:

    I do have more of other parts(my own room and my roomates room).i will post those later due to his girlfriend in town looking at weird when i tell her i am taking pictures to show people on the internet to proof of what i am doing.....:eek:

    The black leather seats and new headliner is in the car already....and um...yeah i don't know what to do now??? just wating to get these installed ASAP and get it repainted i guess. :shrug:

    I still need the rear hatch panels(black) and that's all for the interior for now. i saw some nice racing seats($460 each) at F1 motorsports(which is about 2 min walk from me) i think i am gonna get those too or not:crazy:
  16. My car is very dirty i have not drove it for a while. it just sits there LOL. and my apartment is getting full of parts. as you can see I NEED HELP WITH THIS CAR!!!!
    and i will finish it. SO HERE IT IS THE PROOF THAT i am really fixing my car???ha :) people who wants to visit california for fun go right ahead i will buy you beers if you help me fix up my car! thanks :)
  17. By the way the cobra intake came fully assembled w/throttle body and spacer. Do i have to take the spacer out??? to fit the car??

    And those welds draglites wheels are for sale! and the parts that i am taking out of the car is all for sale you know the list. or ask me if you don't know.
  18. i like the wheels!!!! good luck. phil