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  1. yeah they are iron gt-40 heads but not P heads they are original cobra heads. not aluminum i didn't want to pay $1000 for the alum one's and i like the strong iron ones!!!
    that's what they came with originally so i am doing exactlly that.

    AND TO FAIFONG my rims looks ricey TAKE A LoOK AT YOUR NAME!! YOUR NAME LOOKS and SOUNDS RICEY. and stop saying "RICEY" YOU ALL EAT RICE TOo. FOOLS!!!! LOL rice with some soy sauce mmmmm they are so good yum...
  2. I like my rims leave me alone :(
  3. I'm asian. You couldn't care less.
  4. AND TO FAIFONG my rims looks ricey TAKE A LoOK AT YOUR NAME!! YOUR NAME LOOKS and SOUNDS RICEY. and stop saying "RICEY" YOU ALL EAT RICE TOo. FOOLS!!!! LOL rice with some soy sauce mmmmm they are so good yum...[/QUOTE]


    I might have made a HUGE mistake....

    first does 94-95 cobra gt-40 heads fit on 87-93 5.0 block?????

    second will 24lbs injectors and 73mm maf will work without calibrating my CPU????


    TO: faifong: i was just kidding about the riceness....:)
  6. Iron's not only strong, it's heavy. Don't expect your combo to crack 260 rwhp. Which is likely good for low 13's in a regular street car.

    And do not use a 73mm maf, that means it's a c&l and they are garbage.
    Get a 75mm pro m or pas, maybe even an 80mm.

    Computer never needs to be flashed or chipped. It's the meter that does. The c&l comes with a tube, but it's inaccurate. The pro m or pas comes with a calibrated sensor on it.
  7. Thanks

    oh...i didn't know that and you are RIGHT they are c&l....LOL

    and isn't 80mm too much for my car yet??? i am not supercharged or turboed

    i was thinking about running c&l 73mm with 24lbs injectors but why is C&L garbage?
    i paid good money for those and people said it's it a bad combo? let me know.

    P.S:how much horse are you making? and i like your's very clean
  8. lots of stuff cost lots of $$$$$

    dude so like what do you do for a living so i can switch jobs cause your droppin lots of cash on cars
  9. NO FREAKING JOKE MAN........i thought i bought all the right parts but some people say different. but it's good that they are guiding me in a right direction.

    and for the C&L i will return it and get the 80mm pas or whatever(i have to ask the sales guy) and i will try to return the 24lbs injectors they are from ford. i think they said sales are final but i didn't use it yet so i think i can...

    i am in entertainment business.

    if you don't like your job quit and find something you like doing.

    when your hobby becomes a's not hobby anymore....
  10. thanks man you are cool. and did i mention I LIKE YOUR CAR!! i got the same kit and the spoiler. hehe
  11. Definitely get the Pro M/PAS MAF like XP8 said calibrated for your injectors. Your rims were okay to me, so if they make them happy then keep them.
    I would agree with selling those iron 40's on corral or ebay, and then spend the $ on TFS or AFR's. It will be worth it and take your further. you won't have to buy new heads when you toss on that power adder later.
  12. Give me some heads

    ok.... so where do i get these TFS or AFR heads and how much are they?

    and what does TFS's and AFR's stand for? and what is SBF heads.....

    i am getting really confused here!!!!:shrug: all i knew was gt-40 heads and i thought they were the best...i guess i was totally wrong....:(

    and how about them aluminum gt-40X heads.:eek:

    what are all the difference in all these heads????::eek:

    tell me please....thanks..:nice:
  13. ok... i went to look for AFR heads and TFS heads and i found out that there are many many kinds!!!.........................................i can't do this by myself....i have to go talk to arron at stangwerks before i get into this kind of's getting too difficult for me to this point. and they are over $2k...... i don't want to spend that much....yet!
    thanks guys
  14. get the tfs twisted wedge heads with a tfs stage one cam you wont be disappointed. the other tfs heads have bigger chambers,which on a small build up like yours wont be all that great the high ports and the track heat heads are more for blower turbo or big stroker motors with a stock block you can go wrong with the twisted wedges

    thats my .02 but iam sure there are other opinions out there
  15. thanks for the heads up:) but do you know how much that tfs heads will cost? and what if i want to go turbo later on this year??? should i get better heads to start off with? or you think i can pull it off with this tfs heads you are talking about....
    and how much does this TFS heads cost? i wanna know. thanks
  16. TFS Twisted Wedge heads are bout $1100-1200+/- and some tax.They also have the Track Heat heads for a little more,same heads,better valve springs and retainers.

    These heads are great,will be enoguh for anything you want to do,plenty of material for porting later and such.

    Also,the AFR 165/58cc chamber heads are good (1.90/1.60 valves) for shock short block combos,but I would lean toward the TFS heads.
  17. Leo, shoot me a call tomorrow at the office around 11:00 am or so if possible. i'll give you my cell number then and we can set something up at the shop this week or talk more about tech advice.
  18. ARRON

    I was thinking about heading down there early in the morning due to i gotta go to work tomorrow evening at 6:30pm. so i will let you know tomorrow morning. or i will call you at the shop.
  19. wow i want to see this car all together now