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  1. hey hollywood.....i read you are looking for wider fenders or something of that sort....just thought id let you know about they have some awesome looking fox body stuff you might be interested in
  2. MY BRAKES ARE DONE!!! today it started to make horrible clunky sound when i stepped on my brake. so i am just gonna park my car in the garaga until it goes into the shop on 6/20th. and i even think it's leaking i think repacking the engine is EVEN better idea now. i swear THIS CAR SITS in the garage more then IT DRIVES... LMAO!!!
  3. thanks bowtiekillr but i was looking to just take out the lips of the fenders alittle not the wide bodied fenders...

    they look too wide to me. i want my fenders to be cut about 1/2 or little less higher or/and not have that "flat" part of the fender lip or roll that part out so i will have sharp edged fenders. it's possible and i think it will look very good wen i slam my car!!!

    P.S: i updated my main page...i bought more stuff LOL

    My friends told me today i could have just bought the mustang cobra.....with all the money i am spending......

    i am beginnign to think it is true....HAHA....
  4. Id stop buying parts until you know exactly what you wanna do! It seems like you want to add a supercharger or turbo down the road...? Start by planning how much hp you want and go from there. Good heads like the TFS or AFR with a good intake will get you 300+rwhp reliably and your 24lb injectors will be fine for this. If you add a turbo on top of this you will be reaching the max limits of the stock block. The 5.0 stock blocks are weak and will start to break around 500rwhp so keep that in mind! If you want to make more power then that then you will need to build a new motor with forged internals and a aftermarket block which can get kinda pricey.
    A nice looking high hp turbo 5.0 has a very good chance of getting into a mag. Your current combo doesnt have a chance unless you have a hookup :) .
  5. Supercharger or turbo

    i am not even thinking about the doing turbo or supercharger at this point in time i am more worry about making the car run perfectly.:nono:
    Next year or end of this year I will get it....(but i know something about turbo since i had rx-7 i know what to buy...and that part is fun:))
    AND i am looking to make about 350-400 rwhp max. can stock block handle this (it's iron should handle it right???) AND I EVEN SAW V6 mustang in modified mag!!! so i know i can get in....please SAY "YES" to keep my hopes up.

    I spent way too much money this past 2 months and i still have some more to go....but i think i am almost done with buying parts...almost. I WAKE UP GO TO WORK. WHEN I GET OFF I LOOK FOR PARTS(or the other way around). I WENT TO JUNK YARD SMOKED 5 CIGARETES THERE.. I CAME HOME(laughing). I HAVE NO LIFE DUE TO THIS CAR(i don't remember when was last time i went to METAL SKOOL(funny heavy metal show with LOTS of HOT CHICKS wants to take you HOME!! JUST TO YOU KNOW>>>>:)) at keyclub on sunset.
    MY LIFE IS PRETTY SAD RIGHT NOW.....but it will be all over after installing parts and getting it painted starting 6/20th to who knows when it's gonna be done??. FOR ABOUT 8 weeks i will party like a rockstar AGAIN!!! HAHAHA...:)

    REMEMBER i still need to get this car painted and that is ANOTHER 3.5k-4K EASY:eek:
    but hopefully way less (i went to VERY RESPECTABLE custom paint/auto body shop and that's what they said...and that's hooking me up LMAO):rlaugh:

    The main stuff i still have to get/do is:

    1. SN95 Spindles (before 6/20th) ..i get mixed opinion on this one...i got the brakes and calipers (95 cobra's)
    2. Cobra REAR disc brake set up (end of summer) ..i have heard this one is a headache..
    3. Still need inside rear panels (black) no one sells this thing....for cheap
    4. New weather strips (mine is starting to show it's age)
    5. fix heater (LMAO...i took out the A/C myself and now the heater is not working!!!! LMAO)

    P.S: i need to know which SPINDLES i need to get 94-95's or 96-on....people say it has different track or something....and 96-on has correct steering geometery and 94-95 isn't correct??? so i am confused....they look the same to what's the deal??? i need to know this.
    But make it simple for me WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?

    1. 94-95
    2. 96-99
    3. 2000-on
  6. 94/95 Spindles will give you the best fit.

    The block will handle roughly 450-500 properly tuned RWHP.

    THANKS DAGGAR. and i went and visited your RNH performance site!!! VERY COOL CARS MAN>>>>:jaw:
  8. I have the whole rear setup for disc brake off of an SN95. I have everything needed to do it except the axles. That includes calipers, pads, rotors, dust shields, axle brackets, anti moan brackets. If interested, PM me.
  9. ARRON I got the direction from yahoo map and i called your shop but you are not there yet...i left the message with a receptionist. call me so i can head down there...later on today or tomorrow day off are thursday and friday this week. okay :)

  10. I'll be in the office shortly. I will shoot you a call in a bit.

    Thank you for everything today arron.

    stangwerks has very nice cars and so does arron. he have shown me very much today and was very friendly.
    it took me 1 1/2 hrs to drive out there but it was well worth it.
    very clean shop and very very friendly staff.:)
    They got very nice cars too. specially that black 05 mustang...phew...:hail2:

    i will be in contact very soon arron

    if anyone looking to upgrade or thinking about getting custom paint job and you are in LA or greater LOS ANGELES/NEAR county... DO NOT LOOK ELSE WHERE because stangwerks does it all. AND THEY ARE PROS!!!:nice:
  12. Thanks for coming by Leo, and it was nice to meet you and shoot the breeze for a while.
  13. I got the 95 spindles today so all i need now is rear disc set up. and my car will be going into the shop may be little earlier....i can't wait....yay!!
  14. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Let me get this striaght.... You live in Cali... TOOK OUT YOUR A/C and are worried about getting the heater to work? wow...

    IF i were in to taking out comfort options I would have pulled the heater before the ac in cali. :rolleyes:
  15. Any updates Leo?
  16. updates

    i got the 13" BAER rear disc eradi speed plus one kit and cobra rear disc bracket kit from fordracing.

    and i got the 13" cobra front brakes and rotors/calipers from fordracing also.(i have heard this set up is the best for fox stangs).

    Only thing i am still waiting for rear disc calipers from ford racing.

    PLUS i have found out i have to use adapters with my wheels due to offsets

    so i am waiting on that too.

    my lug nuts costed me $180 from VOLK. LMAO

    and what else......i need to get rear brakelines and adapter fittings for front and back.

    i just bought new 95 master cylinder but still need new brake booster
    and new propotioning valve.

    i need to get new ball joints.

    i just got energy suspension bushings all around including transmission mounts.

    i am probably leaving out some of the parts i bought new but i am still waiting on them... i just want to get this front and rear disc parts done. oh...i got new cowl cover and PRO-M 80mm maf. so i got 2 pairs of maf now....

    and i don't know what i am gonna do with 5 lug drums tho???

    i think that's it...
    see you soon arron
  17. Don't bother with the booster, for most people it's a waste of time and money.
  18. COBRA ECU?????

    hey guys .....
    can i use COBRA ECU on automatic transmission????:shrug:

    the problem is i really don't want to recalibrate the maf or mas/anything elec that will mess with my motor!!! i do not want my car to go "BOOM!":jaw:

    NOTE: i am about to run 24lbs injectors with 80mm PRO-M.

    i rather go with original cobra so i do not have to deal or mess with GT/LX cpu calibrations. i do not want to run rich/lean due to changing the map. :nono:

    So can i use COBRA ECU on AUTO or COBRA ECU only for the 5 speed???
    let me know. thanks

    P.S: i have heard stock ECU can only handle/adapt 20% max on elec change or up grade.
    i belive this is true. but prove me wrong if it isn't. thanks
  19. The cobra computer sucks, don't use it PERIOD.

    It will mess with your pro m and won't work with an auto anyway.

    You can use an auto comp with a 5 speed, but not a 5 speed comp with an auto.
  20. Thanks for the info. :nice: