New changes to the fastback HELP

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  1. Well the motor and tranny are once again up in the air. :nonono:

    Option 1-

    Keep all I have already 5.0 based set up, vortech sq trim supercharger, bad azz aod, wiring, a9l, rpm intake, tb........ blah blah blah.

    Option 2-
    Sell what I have and get,
    96-98 Cobra 4.6
    t-45 or t-56 6 speed
    12 psi s trim Vortech
    I already found it complete from tranny to wiring harness and computer :)

    I'm looking to push at least 400 rwhp on either set up. Which I can do.

    I have till saturday to decide tops sunday.

    What would everyone do?
    Yes I already have the Mustang II front conversion :)
    No I have never worked on a 4.6 other than routine stuff.

    Any Ideas or words of wisdom?? :shrug:

    Also if I do go with the 4.6 would anyone here be interested on the things I have? You would have first dibs.
  2. Woo hoo found a nicely priced local Kenne Bell for that cobra HMMMMMMMM :drool:

    I always did say that if I found things nicely priced like this I would do it.

    Anyone have an idea or comment????
  3. I'd feel mised about that one too.

    I wouldn't want to wipe out the shock towers just for the 4.6, but since you already have the MII susp... It is an attractive idea. That and the DOHC Cobra w/ a supercharger is a fantastic setup. I've ridden in a 97 Cobra with a blower and 4.11 gears, and thats all that car needed. I can't imagine a car needing to be any faster. Ever. It was like taking off in a jet. That said, I'm sure a forced induction 5.0 would be similar.

    The main benefit of the 4.6 I think would be the wow factor. I went to a show this summer that had 3 or 4 5.0 EFI swapped cars there, but not one single 4.6.

    Just out of curiosity, what 5.0 swap stuff do you have?
  4. What do you mean what 5.0 swap stuff?

    Like harness mass air out of a 92 and A9L eec
    an extra set of brand new hedman shorties
    aluminum heads
    upper lower rpm intake
    70 mm bbk tb with spacer
    harland sharp rocker arms
    cran rocker arms
    bad azz aod 500 hp capable easily
    80 mm LMAF
    42 lb injectors
    aod crossmember
    bbk adjustable fuel regulator
    vortech sq trim supercharger complete kit not tuner
    and the list goes on and on.
  5. Thats exactly what I mean.
    Everything that doesn't have to do with the aod or the supercharger.
  6. Also have a crap load of stock stuff. Like anyone else. Ha

    Well today I shall know if the 4.6 swap is underway or not