~New chin spoiler pics~

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  1. I bought this off craigslist for $50, the previous owner folded it over a curb and didnt like it scratched. I sanded it down and with few coats of primer, sanding, and flat black it came out pretty good. It matches well with the lower grill delete. If you look closely in the first pic right below the driver side headlight you can see my reflection. Im sitting on the ground in a white sweatshirt. I have been using production products polish and spray polish and i threw out my meguiars junk. NOTHING i have used yet has made the car look this good. The color is deeper and the depth in gloss is awesome. Looks like glass! :nice:

  2. Looks pretty sweet, esp with the drop.
  3. That car is so HOT!!!!
    Chin spoilers make a world of a difference.. Atlantic Blue FTMFW!!!!!!!!
  4. Yeahhhh sweeeeeet. Mach 1 delete next?
  5. :nice: . Your car looks pretty sweet :nice:
  6. nice, I've been looking for one of those since xmas. not an easy find. car just don't look rite without it.:nice:
  7. Does the chin spoiler fit on 99-00 Cobra bumpers?
  8. I'm a big fan of Mothers products, never really liked Meg's stuff on my stang, but I'm going to have to try the production products polish that you used on your atlantic blue. Looks great especially with the addition of the chin spoiler.:nice:
  9. What i have now is me just messing around one night. Its a lower grill delete to cover the holes and then i just cut the pony and corral out of the factory grill leaving only little left to attach it. Sanded and painted everything that wasn chrome and thats what i got. DOWN WITH HONEYCOMB! :notnice:

    Thanks everyone! :nice:
  10. looks awesome man! I wish mine would sit like that..